Cooking for everyone: easy, healthy and tasty – and quick too! That’s the BORA 5|5 principle.

Spelt bruschettas with mushrooms, bresaola and ricotta
Spelt pancakes with berries and honey
Salmon cubes with green asparagus and a dill dressing
Halloumi burger with cranberry and maple sauce and lettuce
Radicchio with dry-cured Grisons beef, walnuts and goat's cheese
Aubergine towers with goat's cheese, pistachios, mint and dried figs

Pure Cooking

Developed for those who want to make meals that are quick and easy but healthy at the same time. Taking just 5 minutes to prepare and 5 minutes cooking time, you can conjure up healthy dishes with a handful of selected ingredients. Our lads from BORA – hansgrohe have given the first recipes a try and love them!

Team Edition

Enjoy the simple things – this is the motto behind the BORA 5I5 principle for all those who like to enjoy simple, healthy and tasty food even if they have little time to cook. With only five minutes of preparation and five minutes of cooking, anyone can serve up delicious dishes involving just a few ingredients. We have compiled ten recipes from ten different countries so you can follow our BORA – hansgrohe team through the season from a culinary perspective too.

Vegan Edition

“If vegetables don’t taste good, it’s usually not down to the vegetables”, or so vegan professional chef Sebastian Copien believes. His focus is always on maximum taste and he celebrates creative vegetable-based dishes that will leave not only vegans sated and happy. Being vegan can be really easy! Sebastian Copien offers the best proof of this: his vegan recipes made from natural ingredients bring a smile to the face and can be easily integrated into everyday life. The unlimited abundance of colours, consistencies and taste nuances provided by seasonal fruit and vegetables gives him all sorts of ideas for new combinations and taste experiences. Disvocer his vegan meals with a punch!