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BORA Horizon

BORA Horizon Smart direct and indirect lighting.

The BORA Horizon linear pendant light can be used as either an indirect ambient light above the dining table or a direct light source above the cooktop. The five light temperature settings and the infinitely adjustable dimmer function create a pleasant atmosphere for all cooking situations. The BORA Horizon can be intuitively gesture controlled.

Convenient operation

The BORA Horizon can easily be gesture controlled (light off, light on, dim light, change colour temperature, couple and decouple direct and indirect lighting) – making washing the hands before using a light switch a thing of the past.

Compact 2-in-1 lighting


Thanks to two light sources, our pendant light is suitable as an indirect ambient light above the dining table as well as a direct light source above the hob.

High quality and aesthetically pleasing

The linear pendant light blends weightlessly into the overall look of the kitchen in a calm and elegant way and impresses with its design standards, which are also reflected in the quality of its materials. Designed by Gerhard Grimmeisen.

Freely design to meet your needs BORA Horizon

Design your BORA lighting entirely in accordance with your particular needs, thanks to our configuration options. BORA Horizon is available in the following colours: Moss green, rose gold and black.

Installation options

With the "fixed" option, use the stop beads to pre-adjust the BORA Horizon. In the "Move" option,, adjustment on the light fixture is possible. 


Our BORA Horizon is available in three colours.