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BORA refrigeration and freezing systems

Smart design meets effective cooling. Freshly conceived – the refrigeration and freezing systems from BORA

With BORA refrigeration and freezing systems you effectively store food for long-lasting freshness and keep it systematically arranged. The different refrigerator variations as well as the freezer are characterised by elegant design, with high-quality and carefully thought-out components for the interior. Of course, our products offer outstanding refrigeration and cooling and rely on innovative convection cooling, separate cooling circuits, No Frost Technology and BORA Fresh zero freshness technology.

More fresh air

Thanks to the intelligent convection cooling temperatures are kept optimally stable. The air circulating in the interior is cleaned simultaneously by the integrated odour filter to reduce unpleasant refrigerator odours.

Fresh air & a clear view

Our refrigeration and freezing systems make it possible to store food in a clear arrangement and reduce unpleasant odours in the refrigerator.

Simple operation

Easily removable drawers and practical accessories perfect the ergonomics and enable systematic order.

Top performance

Refrigeration and freezing programs like PowerCool, and PowerFreeze briefly regulate the temperature downward to the minimum that is technically possible. Carefully thought-out accessories help with efficient capacity utilisation of the interior.

Simple cleaning

The movable elements in the interior can be easily taken out and note that there are plastic strips. Smooth surfaces make it easy to wipe off all components.

Timeless design

The elegant colour scheme in muted grey tones and interior elements of wood, glass and metal are design highlights in the customary BORA quality.