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BORA cooktop extractor systems

Like cooking in the fresh air – it’s second nature to us.

The revolution of the kitchen as a living space begins at the heart of every kitchen: effective cooktop extractor systems that are quiet, do not obstruct the view, provide highly-effective filtration of cooking odours and that are easy to clean, enable a new cooking behaviour and an impressive kitchen architecture. Cooktop extractor systems by BORA.

Innovative ventilation technologies

As the pioneer for ventilation technology, we have always been committed to effective extraction of cooking vapours and grease particles, directly where they occur, in the pot or the pan.

Fresh air & a clear view

Odour and grease particles are extracted directly where they arise. Cooking vapours cannot even rise and spread in the room.

Simple operation

Simple & intuitive. The systems are operated digitally through touch or by means of digital/analogue knobs.

Top performance

High-quality materials and top extraction performance united in premium products.

Simple cleaning

Convincing in everyday life. All moving parts can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.

Timeless design

Elegant design with the greatest possible functionality as the standard for a new spatial aesthetic.

Product overview
Product finderWhich BORA system is right for me? Find the right product

Kitchen counter or island? Period property, attic flat, studio apartment or multi-generation house? Our product finder can help with the selection.

The principleThe BORA system explained succinctly Overview of exhaust air and recirculation solutions

The vapour is extracted downward and filtered – but where does it actually go? We will explain this to you.

FAQBORA cooktop extractor systems

An overview of the questions most frequently asked about our cooktop extractor systems is provided here.

View all FAQs
How do BORA cooktop extractor systems work?

Steam and vapours rise at a maximum speed of one metre per second. The BORA cooktop extracts with cross flow suction that is higher than the speed at which cooking vapours rise. In this way, the cooking vapours and odours are effectively extracted on the cooktop.

How do BORA cooktop extractor systems work?

At BORA you can choose between the modular extractor systems BORA Professional and BORA Classic, and the compact systems BORA X Pure, BORA Pure, BORA Basic and BORA GP4 (only available from nobilia retailers). Our product finder will help you and your BORA retailer will be happy to advise you so that you can find the system that best suits your cooking style and design requirements.
The modular extractor systems give you optimum design freedom and flexibility when choosing your cooktops (induction, surface induction, Hyper and HiLight glass ceramic, gas, Tepan, wok). BORA Professional boasts extra-deep cooktops and operation via a control knob (like in professional kitchens). All functions are easily, conveniently and intuitively activated by turning the knob and tapping the central touch-operated surface. BORA Classic is operated on the cooktop itself using the intuitive sControl+ touch controls. The compact systems also combine a cooktop with four cooking zones and an effective extractor: BORA X Pure: surface induction; BORA Pure: induction; BORA Basic: Hyper. The compact appliances have intuitive touch controls on the cooktop. With standard dimensions and the combined design, they can be installed quickly and easily.

How loud is BORA?

In contrast to traditional extractor hoods with a high noise level at head height, BORA is quieter when cooking than normal noises that occur during roasting. The volume level largely depends on the BORA system used, the individual installation situation and the room conditions.

How much does a BORA extractor system cost?

Our BORA systems can be planned individually. For price information and an individual offer please contact a BORA partner in your area.

How does the relative humidity change during a normal cooking process?

During normal cooking, say cooking for approx. 30 minutes e.g. vegetables, fish or meat, the increase in relative humidity in the exhaust air is barely measurable. If water is boiled vigorously for 30 minutes, the relative humidity increases by approx. 10%. You can find a suitable video here.

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