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Kitchen accessories

BORA Piccolo

Tasty titbits exquisitely served

The BORA Piccolo serving spoons and the BORA Wendelstein serving board

The premium-quality Wendelstein 1838 m wooden serving board brings gourmet cuisine to your home. Start your menu with a tasty amuse-bouche, masterfully presented on the refined porcelain spoons. The BORA Piccolo serving spoons fit perfectly into the specially crafted recesses in the serving board to enable you to beautifully present your finger food. The design of the BORA board pays homage to the 1,838 m mountain in Bavaria and imitates its contours.

  • Material serving spoonsPorcelain
  • Piccolo setConsisting of 6 serving spoons
  • Material Wendelstein serving board100% oak
The making of the BORA Piccolo

Inspired by BORA’s Bavarian and Austrian home. Check out where and how the BORA Wendelstein serving board and the BORA Piccolo serving spoons are made with a great attention to detail.