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Закажите теперь бесплатно исключительный БОРА-проспект с информацией о наших кулинарных системах и увлекательных историях из мира продуктов фирмы БОРА.
Необходимо учитывать следующее: Поля, отмеченные символом *, обязательны для заполнения
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Thank your very much for your participation

Impressions of your BORA Training

We were delighted that you were able to attend our training course. It was a very interesting, pleasant and informative time, hopefully for you too. We would like to sincerely thank you for being such a competent kitchen professional who wants to meet their customers’ wishes in a special way, just as we do. Common goals characterize a long and successful business relationship. You can recall your BORA moments by these impressions:

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