Cordon bleu

Cordon bleu

Automatic programme “Cordon bleu”


Prepare the panade 

Melt the clarified butter in a pan over a low heat, then stir in the spelt breadcrumbs and paprika. Put the breadcrumb mixture, the flour and the eggs in three separate, deep plates. Beat the eggs slightly with a fork. 


Make the cordons bleus 

Cut the veal into four equal-sized slices. Flatten the meat evenly using a tenderiser and season on both sides with salt and pepper. Top the prepared slices with ham and cheese, fold them over, lightly press down the edges and drizzle with some water. 


Coat the meat 

Coat the filled meat slices in the flour, one after the other, then pull them through the beaten eggs, allowing any excess egg to drip off. Next, coat them in the breadcrumb mixture, pressing it on lightly. 


Cook the cordons bleus 

Put the cordons bleus on the universal tray, brush each side with the clarified butter and cook in the X BO (190°C/80% humidity, automatic programme “Cordon bleu”) for 6 minutes. Turn them over and cook for another 6 minutes. Then change the settings to 210°C/-100% humidity and cook for another 2 minutes. 


Pro tip 

For a nicer-looking, more succulent dish, roll the cheese in the ham. So that the panade around the cordon bleu is looser after cooking, do not press too hard when coating the meat. 

Preparation: 25 min. 
Baking/cooking time: 14 min. 

Serves 4 

  • 100 g clarified butter 
  • 150 g spelt breadcrumbs 
  • 5 g sweet paprika 
  • 60 g coarse-grain flour (e.g. Viennese semolina or spaetzle flour) 
  • 2 eggs (size M)  
  • 400 g veal topside 
  • Salt  
  • Ground pepper 
  • 8 slices of cured ham 
  • 4 slices of mountain cheese 

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