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Revolution Tour in Innsbruck

Revolution Tour: BORA in the air in Innsbruck

Revolution Tour: BORA in the air in Innsbruck

On the occasion of the UCI Road World Championships, in which riders from our BORA – hansgrohe
cycling team also took part, the BORA Cooking Truck stopped off in Innsbruck. The glass cube was
raised to a height of over 30 metres in the shadow of the Bergisel ski jump. From there all of the
participants had breathtaking views of Innsbruck, the Nordkette mountain range and the Inn valley,
with no annoying extractor hoods in their way. The view through the Olympic rings was the perfect
backdrop for the cube.
At this event, participants were able to experience the kitchen revolution first-hand. Their experience
was rounded off with culinary delights prepared by two BORA chefs. In the evening, a look out across
the cooktop provided an entrancing view over the sea of lights of the city of Innsbruck.

BORA in the air
Date: 27 to 30 September 2018
Event location: Innsbruck
Participants: Distribution partners and end customers

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