Delicious, healthy recipes made quick and easy – that’s what our BORA 10|10 concept stands for. Discover the different editions.

Asparagus, prawn and lemon grass stir fry with soba noodles
Breast of guinea fowl with a honey glaze, celeriac, apples and hazelnuts
Grilled vegetables with flank steak and pesto
Egg yolk ravioli with wild herbs and Belper Knolle
Duck breast with asparagus, pomegranate and papaya
Miso soup with ramen noodles and egg
Salmon and sesame sashimi with a pea and wasabi purée
Buckwheat blinis with marinated salmon, caviar and avocado
Spelt spaghetti, tomatoes, Parmesan and basil


10 contemporary recipes. Melissa Hemsley, internationally renowned food columnist and cookbook author, who specialises in home cooking, sets standards smoothly and confidently. Her culinary tips have long since been legendary among those of generation 2.0. Melissa puts a new spin on traditional recipes by innovatively combining classic ingredients and adding a touch of excitement. The result is light, fresh and modern but at the same time down-to-earth cuisine.

She knows exactly how to address her audience's desire for simplicity and authenticity. A trendsetter who makes cooking with BORA a modern pleasure.


With this edition, BORA invites to take a journey on the trail of traditional Italian cooking as seen by a grandmaster: Giancarlo Morelli, a Michelin-star chef, and above all a worldwide explorer, a poet in terms of tastes and a lover of seasonal cooking. Morelli combines a wide variety of ingredients to achieve culinary excellence. The goodness of traditional cuisine united with the beauty of modern presentation.


To masterchef Johann Lafer good taste is vital. Born in Steyr in Austria, he considers this good taste to be rooted in fresh, regional cuisine. Lafer also conveys his love for high-quality products and careful preparation in his cookbooks. Exclusively for BORA, the renowned chef has devised a collection of ten dishes that are designed to be quick and easy to make, healthy and enjoyed by all.


Michelin-star cuisine in the blink of an eye: Andreas Senn, a creative young chef who has been awarded two Michelin stars, inspires with his cuisine which is both full of contrast and oomph. His creations ooze modernity and entice with their fine aromas. Discover the Michelin-star chef within you.


Master chef: Two-Michelin-star chef Andreas Senn cooks with three-time world champion Peter Sagan.

BORA - hansgrohe’s Peter Sagan is already a living legend in the world of cycling. With over 100 professional victories, including three World Champion titles, his win at the first ever European Championships, seven consecutive green jerseys at the Tour de France and many other successes at one-day races and tours, the ‘tourminator’ is a favourite among the fans.

Lutz (Asia)

The 10|10 edition ‘Asian cuisine with Vroni Lutz’, team chef for the professional cycling team BORA – hansgrohe for several years, impresses with Asian recipes that are quick and easy (10|10) to make. “For me, a perfect dish should be straightforward”, says Vroni. And straightforward Asian recipes are precisely what this book offers. What BORA has achieved with regard to kitchen design, Vroni focuses on when cooking: she questions the status quo and has the courage to rethink dishes and create innovations.

Fire & Water

10 minutes for preparation, 10 minutes of cooking time: The same principle is also perfectly suited to our lads in the professional cycling team BORA – hansgrohe. It enables to them to prepare healthy, hearty dishes quickly and easily at home when they're not racing. The recipes in this 10|10 Edition were thought up by Andreas Senn, a creative young chef from Salzburg who has been awarded two Michelin stars. His inspiring recipes make you want to give them a go for yourself.