The kitchen of the future: where is the trend heading?

Willi Bruckbauer, founder and Managing Director of BORA Cooking Systems in Raubling, has been following his vision of the end of the extractor hood since 2007. To make BORA synonymous with cooktop extractors, innovation and creativity, it was essential to take a close look at the kitchen market and living trends. What influence does the zeitgeist have? What do consumers want? We present his opinion on how things will develop in the future:

Individuality and freedom in terms of kitchen design

“One development that is influencing the entire industry is that kitchens are increasingly becoming the focal point of people’s homes and lives. As a result, consumers have ever higher demands when it comes to planning and design. They want freedom in their kitchens, tailored to their own living situation. There is a very clear trend towards being able to plan kitchens without any restrictive specifications. Our downdraft cooktop extractors eliminate the need for a traditional hood and give us an advantage. BORA connects directly with what customers want: freedom when designing their kitchen and a clear view in the living space when cooking – with maximum effectiveness and minimum background noise. This is particularly impressive when cooking in an open-plan kitchen with friends or family. Standard solutions are largely passé; lifestyle is no longer about egalitarianism.The global trend for open-plan living spaces continues unabated. As a manufacturer, this development means that we need to be able to present suggestions and develop products that are suitable for unconventional solutions that go far beyond traditional concepts. And we are able to fulfil this requirement – a fact that is clearly reflected in the level of awareness of our brand and the increase in global sales of BORA cooktop extractors.

Innovation through research and development

“As well as outstanding quality, consumers today more than ever expect to see innovations. We met this expectation perfectly by developing BORA products: a few years ago, we questioned traditional concepts with the invention of our downdraft cooktop extractors and marked the beginning of the end of the extractor hood. By constantly expanding our range of products, we are gradually getting closer to achieving this aim. The market was curious about our innovative new creations right from the outset, and a real boom soon followed. We therefore continue to focus on the advantages that we offer: fresh air, effectiveness, user friendliness and a clear view in the kitchen. When the advantages are as obvious as they are with our products, this is rewarded. However, only those who keep up with the times can achieve long-term success. This also motivates us to maintain our focus on energy and sustainability and to tailor our product development activities to these areas. This presents us with a challenge and an opportunity in one – our road to dynamic growth.”

From a niche market to a mega trend

“Downdraft systems, with their groundbreaking technology, are a fast-growing segment. More and more consumers are being won over by the advantages of downdraft cooktop extractors. BORA offers a broad range of options for different target groups within its three product groups: with induction, HiLight, Hyper and gas cooktops, Tepan stainless steel grills and wok cooktops as well as exhaust air and recirculation versions, the broad array of flexible options enables consumers to select products that meet their personal preferences and cooking style.”

Design and workmanship quality as the keys to success

“Never before has design been so important. It increasingly shapes our homes and reflects the attitude towards life in a highly individualised society. Kitchens today are more than ever a status symbol and the decision-making and purchasing process can be compared to buying a car, previously many people’s main priority. Today, design, quality, appliance functions and the manufacturer add value to kitchens and therefore to properties. The result: consumers expect us to provide them with technical innovations coupled with functionality and creative designs.”

Our value proposition

“Quality is becoming increasingly important to discerning consumers. We firmly believe that perfect workmanship forms the basis of a successful company and consistently implement this belief when manufacturing our products. ‘Made in Germany’ is still a seal of quality around the world, even in new export markets where economic development is growing rapidly as the standard of living rises. We need to live up to this quality commitment in the long term. For instance, we exclusively manufacture our BORA products from high-quality, durable materials such as stainless steel. Suppliers and production facilities in the Alps region keep distances short. For us, the constant optimisation of quality and convenience in kitchens is an incentive, a challenge and an opportunity in one.”

About the company:

Since 2007, BORA Cooking Systems, headquartered in Raubling, Upper Bavaria, has successfully developed and sold cooktop extractor systems that draw vapours downwards thanks to the use of patented technology. The innovative BORA Basic, BORA Classic and BORA Professional product ranges, all of which use downdraft systems, are sold in 28 countries worldwide.

BORA founder Willi Bruckbauer has the vision of the end of the extractor hood. The patent he developed has multiple advantages: the premium-quality systems are more effective than conventional hoods, very quiet, energy efficient and easy to clean. They enable maximum design freedom and clear views in kitchens.

The company received its first award within the scope of the innovation contest 365 Orte im Land der Ideen (365 Places in the Land of Ideas) back in 2009 followed by the German Entrepreneurs’ Award, red dot Award, Plus X Award, German Design Award, Iconic Award and more.

For further information, please visit www.bora.com.


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