BORA Revolution Tour

BORA Revolution Tour

A high time with new perspectives

300 days, 10 countries, 23 stops. The BORA Revolution Tour 2018 travelled right across Europe from Lisbon to Dublin.

The Revolution Truck stopped off at the most beautiful hotspots in selected cities and changed the perspective with unusual angles and innovative BORA technology. Off on tour went a truck and a glass shipping container specially transformed for use on location. Designed in a simple, industrial style, it brought together a cooktop, dining area and function room in a cosy, but efficiently used 20 square metres. The concept behind this spectacular, unique tour: to turn the latest BORA technology into a hands-on experience – and to do this with a breathtaking panoramic view at the dizzying height of 30 metres. A combination of a live show, gondola ride and exquisite dinner with friends, so to speak. 

What started in 2017 as a series of service events soon aroused interest on an international scale, attracting a lot of attention and onlookers. Even in the second year of the tour, the glass cube created a stir in many places. Crowds of people gathered time and again around the BORA truck, which became a popular subject for photos taken by participants and passers-by. It’s not surprising, as aside from the breathtaking backdrops and the unusual idea behind the concept, the measurements in themselves are pretty amazing. Weighing 40 tonnes and at 19 metres long it has room for 16 people and a fully-equipped high-tech kitchen with three BORA systems: all of this 30 metres above the ground. The glass cube was raised up dozens of times, hundreds of litres of wine were drunk, hundreds of kilos of food were made into delicious regional finger food menus by the BORA chefs, and thousands of people allowed themselves to be won over by the unique, innovative technology of the BORA cooktop extractor system. 
The BORA truck’s journey started at the southernmost point of the Revolution Tour. At the beginning of March, the yearly tour kicked off in Lisbon with typical regional dishes and a view of the famous ‘Ponte 25 de Abril’ bridge. The next stop was Turin in Italy. There, over the course of three days, over 400 guests were able to test delicacies made by award-winning chefs Mariangela Susegana and Giancarlo Morelli, as well as BORA chef Luigi Cassago. What was served up? An unusual dish for Italy: hamburgers. Why hamburgers? ‘Because it’s a dish that many don’t want to cook at home because of the strong smell of the meat,’ explains BORA’s head chef Luigi Cassago. The guests were a bit sceptical too at first – but in the end they were thrilled. 

With the spectacular views of the Alps and the good company, some even forgot that they were in the middle of a closed kitchen with a dozen hamburgers sizzling away on the grill. After stops in Bremen, Potsdam, Dresden, Würzburg and Frankfurt, the next destination was Munich. At premium trade fair Küchenwohntrends on the edge of Theresienwiese, the suspended BORA container welcomed visitors to the fair as they stepped onto the site, becoming an absolute high point of the event, before returning to the truck and moving on to Friedrichshafen. 
It’s hard to pick highlights from such a spectacular, large-scale tour, but the stop in London is certainly one of them. In June, not only did cooking take place at the Millennium Dome in North Greenwich, but a new 10|10 cookbook was also presented. Together with celebrity blogger Melissa Hemsley, simple, modern recipes were created and diners were given a culinary foretaste at lofty heights with a view of the Emirates Air Line. Although the weather in the United Kingdom doesn’t have the best reputation, during the Revolution Tour it was on its best behaviour. On stops in Manchester and the Dun Laoghaire Marina in Dublin, participants were rewarded with clear views for miles around. 

From the island, the Revolution Tour returned to the European mainland. Stops in Rotterdam, Nordhavn in Copenhagen and throughout Germany and Austria followed, before the glass cube headed back southwards via France. To finish the tour, the BORA truck returned to the place where it started – well, almost. In the south of Europe, more specifically in Barcelona, the cube was raised into the air for one last time and the unique tour was brought to a close. Back it went to the headquarters of BORA Lüftungstechnik GmbH in Raubling, Bavaria, where new adventures await the kitchen container in the future.

Text: Anna-Lena Wolfarth
Photos: Gillian Buckley, Carlos Dominguez, Ronny Kiaulehn, Rob Leenders, Thomas Ronn, Thorsten Zimmermann