BORA Revolution Tour Mallorca

Start of the Revolution Tour: BORA in the air in Palma de Mallorca

Revolution Tour: Mallorca

The kitchen revolution continues throughout Europe. Within the scope of the 2017 Revolution Tour, we are holding spectacular events in Europe’s major cities, with the option of experiencing “BORA in the air”. As such, we are offering our BORA retail partners and their customers a unique opportunity: to experience BORA live suspended 30 metres in the air.

The opening event of the Revolution Tour was held in early March at the port of Majorca’s capital, Palma de Mallorca. For three days we inspired over 300 retail partners, end customers, press officers and bloggers, not only with the breathtaking view of the cathedral, port and sea, but also with the functionality of our products and great display method.

Each day from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., we held 45-minute sessions, lifting groups of 15 people into the air. Our BORA Cook Academy chef, Armin Alexander Auer, showcased our three systems and cooked mouthwatering snacks for our guests while 30 meters up. The live cooking sessions were a perfect way of giving an impressive and memorable demonstration of the seven BORA advantages – fresh air, clear view, design freedom, quiet operation, effectiveness, ease of cleaning and best materials.

In the evening, 15 VIP guests enjoyed an exquisite three-course dinner at 30 metres. The food was cooked using all three BORA systems, making an amazing product presentation to encourage the end of the extractor hood! The enthusiastic and interested participants asked many questions, keen to find out more about the BORA principle, the different cooktops and the company’s success story.

Normally, we just use a crane for BORA in the air, but this time we went one step further! We sent a film team 40 metres in the air in a small basket – secured by just a few iron bars and a mesh base – to shoot film footage. If you want spectacular images, you have to show great commitment. The same applies if you want to impress customers! Plans for our next event are already well under way: in April, BORA will be in the air in Brussels.

Revolution Tour: Mallorca

date: 02.03. bis 04.03.2017

venue: Hamburg

participant: retail partners, end customers, local press and bloggers