INDOOR BARBECUE – Get inspired by the recipes of the first cookbook for the BORA Tepan stainless steel grill

How does barbecuing and creating stellar dishes all year round without leaving the kitchen sound?

BORA will show you how: on the innovative Tepan stainless steel grill you can cook delicious meat, fish, vegetarian and seafood dishes, and even sauces, pasta or desserts. Versatility combined with creativity: five chefs reveal their best recipes along with tips and tricks for using the Tepan stainless steel grill. Black risotto with shellfish, grissini, scrambled tofu, or mango sorbet and cookie sandwiches... Whatever takes your fancy, the BORA Tepan stainless steel grill guarantees maximum enjoyment.

Veal saddle and pesto with courgette and scamorza lasagne
Straccetti on spelt and rosemary focaccia with Parmesan and truffle mayonnaise
Banana pancakes with blueberry sauce
Spaghetti with chicken strips in a creamy mushroom sauce
Butternut squash with garam masala sauce and roasted chickpeas

Professional chefs with a passion...

...for good food, creative recipes and the Tepan stainless steel grill. Straying away from conventional cooking methods, these advocates of fine food have devised an exceptional collection of healthy, easy-to-prepare recipes: BORA chef Ivana Frank, meat sommelier Thomas Faber, professional demo chef Werner Raith, the multi-talented Armin Alexander Auer and Vroni Lutz, who among other things has accompanied the BORA – hansgrohe cycling team as their chef.

Ivana Frank
Werner Raith
Armin Alexander Auer
Thomas Faber
Vroni Lutz

Tipps and Tricks

From the basics of oils and fats to the correct cooking of vegetables and the perfect frying of meat and fish - this is what we reveal in our tepan book.

The Tepan stainless steel grill: an appliance with hidden talents

At first glance, the Tepan stainless steel grill comprises a continuous stainless steel plate made from a single piece. However, two grilling zones are concealed beneath this, the temperature of each of which can be precisely regulated. With its full-surface design and rounded corners, the Tepan stainless steel grill can be cleaned as quickly as it can be heated – with exceptional ease and no chemicals.


The BORA tepan book is available in online bookshops.

Experience the BORA tepan stainless steel grill live

Experience the BORA tepan stainless steel grill live

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