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10 | 10 Hemsley Edition

10 | 10 Hemsley Edition

Healthy comfort food from the British international food journalist and cookbook author Melissa Hemsley

These 10|10 recipes were created by Melissa Hemsley, a leading international food writer and cookbook author who specialises in healthy, simple cooking and runs the Hemsley + Hemsley Café in Selfridges, London, with her sister Jasmine. Melissa reinterprets traditional dishes by combining classic ingredients in innovative ways and presenting them in an exciting context. The result is food that is both light, fresh, modern and hearty. 10 recipes which are bang up-to-date. This book from BORA is a presentation of the new, international art of cooking from the capital. Melissa Hemsley sets standards with relaxed self-confidence. Her culinary tips have long held cult status with generation 2.0. She has a clear understanding of how to translate the desire for simplicity and authenticity into delicious food. She is a trend-setter who makes cooking with BORA a contemporary pleasure.For Melissa Hemsley, cooking is a shared experience. Her dinner guests not only sit together at the table, they also help to prepare the food. They chop herbs, grate lemon zest and roast nuts and this brings people together, kick starts the meal and forms part of a successful evening. The 32-year-old British food writer knows the latest and best restaurants all over the world. She writes about them, and what she thinks has real influence. But it is also important for her to cook at home. And she would like to encourage her fans and followers to cook too. Every dish does not need to be perfect. For Melissa, cooking and eating is more about having fun and being happy. Stress in the kitchen? She avoids this by using a short list of ingredients, less prep time and minimal pots and pans, which thankfully means less washing up and more time sitting down to eat and enjoy. Melissa hopes her 10|10 recipes will help a revival in healthy, home-made food.

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