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10 | 10 Morelli Edition

10 | 10 Morelli Edition

One head chef, one star: the culture of sharing and making things beautiful

The recipes of this edition have been designed by Michelin-star chef Giancarlo Morelli, who can also be described as an explorer of the earth, a poet of taste, a lover of seasonal cuisine and a guardian of the fruits we are given by everyday life. Morelli takes a diverse range of ingredients and transforms them into delicious dishes, which not only delight the palate but also the eyes, heart and soul: the goodness of traditional cooking combined with the beauty of modern aesthetics. Sociability combined with taste.With this book, BORA invites you on a journey through the world of traditional Italian cuisine, as seen through the eyes of one of its great masters. BORA makes cooking at the highest level as easy as pie! What Giancarlo Morelli does has the spontaneity of a smile that makes many things appear far simpler. And this makes cooking with BORA a real pleasure.For Giancarlo Morelli, the greatness that he would achieve was never in doubt: a tasteful building, built on the foundations of his rural origins, with the bricks of his versatile creativity, the windows that opened the way for his travels and the furniture of beauty and art, like that which he was able to experience, touch, marvel at and share with others during his work in the USA and France as well as on various journeys of discovery around the world.

His everlasting search, his work and his research have resulted in his dishes boasting wonderful harmony. Morelli has great respect for food and its importance – for its authenticity and honesty; because it does what it is supposed to do and reaches places far beyond the palate alone: the heart, the memory and the sense of longing and desire. As a passionate traveller, Morelli regards food as an expression of people’s culture and identity. He sees the act of eating as creating a close connection with his own ancestors and local tradition, which is renewed, passed on and developed through this.

His dishes are pure, balanced and focused on the essentials. They are designed and prepared with his own special spontaneity and empathy: physical well-being in the here and now, Morelli’s idea of beauty and hisperception of the environment all flow into his dishes, which ultimately taste of something great, something beautiful.