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Holiday home by the Baltic: an ingenious use of space with ‘Hamptons’ flair

Holiday home by the Baltic: an ingenious use of space with ‘Hamptons’ flair

Open kitchen with BORA Basic

Architectural challenges by the Baltic: a pointed-gable house as typical for the region on the outside, an urban loft on the inside. And in the midst of it all: the compact BORA cooktop extractor system BORA Basic.

Ahrenshoop (Baltic, Germany): a former artists’ colony by the Baltic that is today an oasis for people looking to relax. When renovating a thatched house typical of the region, the architects Susanne Kaiser and Tobias Wolff had to overcome a fair few challenges. The small house needed to offer enough space for a family plus visitors to sleep and live as well as a spa area. The possibilities were also restricted by the sloping angle of the chimney that protrudes through the gable and the pre-existing and therefore not easily expandable constructed area.

Despite the difficulties, a bright, airy and an impressively spacious house has been created. This has been achieved through the use of light wells and internal windows that break up the levels. An atrium above the open-plan kitchen makes the entire ground floor appear loft-like. The colour scheme of the interior, including the kitchen, is ‘like something in the Hamptons’. This is a region in the East End of New York’s Long Island that is known for its beach houses. As such, brushed oak floorboards were laid and casing with white-painted spruce battens as well as contrasting matte, black, fingerprint-resistant ‘Fenix’ fronts were installed for the kitchen. The focus was on simplicity.

When, like here, architectural challenges, an open-plan layout and minimalistic design are all in play, this is the territory of the BORA cooktop extractor systems: no extractor hood to impair the view into the atrium, no cooking vapours or odours to sustainably spread around the open-plan living and dining area plus an easy-to-install compact system. The surface induction cooktop offers maximum space for two pans to be placed one behind the other and even a roaster as two cooking zones can be linked together using a bridging function. After all, people want to cook for their extended family here.

The house and the BORA cooktop extractor system are visually delightful and surprise people with their inner values. The house reveals its true size and flexibility when you enter it. BORA Basic impresses with its simple yet premium design and quietly shows what it can do when switched on.


Holiday home with thatched roof, Ahrenshoop / Baltic Sea

Architects: Susanne Kaiser, Tobias Wolff

Photos: Michael Zalewski

Original text: Camilla Peus

BORA Basic



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