Steam in its finest form

Steam in its finest form

From the very beginning, steam was a guiding theme of company founder Willi Bruckbauer. Along with his team, he set to answer the question: what is the next logical step in the kitchen revolution? The answer: a professional steam oven for your home.


The basic premise when developing the X BO flex oven was to expand upon his portfolio, which up until that point had consisted of revolutionary cooktop extractor systems, with another product which improved the cooking experience. A product which uses technology from the world of professional gastronomy.

The prerequisites were clear: the device must be intuitive to operate and should set entirely new standards in terms of design and functionality. “Here at BORA, we’re attempting to think outside the box and optimise solutions already on the market,” says Josef Hintner, Head of Product Management at BORA.

That’s how they came to choose German company MKN as their development partner. This specialist for premium professional cooking technology based in the Lower Saxon town of Wolfenbüttel is one of the leading manufacturers of combi steamers, which are multi-purpose appliances that achieve top results in professional kitchens.


MKN’s many years of technical experience allowed for an advantageous position to approach the construction of the perfect steam oven from. “The combi steamers MKN develops for the commercial market are highly automated and extremely powerful. What we needed was to bring this pro-level performance into the home,” Hintner continues.

The BORA development team’s many years of experience in effective steam extraction also went into perfecting this professional cooking technology. The features of the oven, with many innovative functions and an aesthetic design, bear BORA’s design-oriented hallmark.

The professional steam oven for homes which emerged from this cooperation in 2021 sets a completely new standard in this sector. And yes, the BORA X BO makes cooking in a steam oven easier than ever, thanks to its intuitive operation, wide range of preset automatic and special programmes and automatic cleaning function.


The X BO doesn’t feature levers, buttons or unnecessary gizmos and gadgets – just a touch display. Operating it is just as easy as using a smartphone. When developing this touch display, eye-tracking equipment was used in a practical trial in order to get a detailed understanding of the eye movements and therefore the actions of the test subjects when operating the X BO.

Thanks to the optimal heat transfer, warming up and cooking times are significantly shorter in the BORA X BO than in conventional household ovens. The moisture for cooking and the steam generated as a result are combined with high air speed in the BORA X BO. This allows the steam to envelop the food evenly, ensuring optimal cooking results.

The X BO is also aesthetically impressive with its sleek, elegant design. The black frame is what you’d see around a modern work of art. At the same time, the X BO is understated so that it fits in with any kitchen. CEO Willi Bruckbauer considers his desire to create a new product with a wow factor more than fulfilled.