A healthy lifestyle shapes our everyday life

A healthy lifestyle shapes our everyday life

7 March is “Healthy Eating Day” in Germany. To mark this occasion, we take a look behind the scenes at BORA to see what the company does to promote healthy eating among its employees – Read on to find out about fresh fruit and other highlights...

Why a healthy diet is important for us

A balanced diet provides an important basis for a healthy life and gives us the energy we need to cope with everyday life. And as an added bonus, eating well makes us happy. Therefore, at BORA we also advocate healthy eating in-house by offering our employees a variety of free meals and snacks.

But what is “healthy” for BORA? To define this term, we focus on the diet of professional athletes. A balance is essential here. Ideally, athletes need a mix of foods with long-chain carbohydrates (such as whole-grain or oat products) and plenty of fruit and vegetables to feel full for a long time without overloading their digestive system.

For a dish to receive the BORA Choice quality seal, it mustn’t contain any refined sugar or flavour enhancers. When we prepare food, healthy oils and fats play a key role as well as the quality of the remaining ingredients, which are chosen according to their regional origin, seasonal nature and organic quality.

Numerous types of salad in the Hälzyba

The staff of the “Hälzyba” (a BORA neologism created by CEO Willi Bruckbauer) serve up healthy food every day – with a mixture of raw and cooked vegetable dishes – for all BORA employees.

In addition to classic salad ingredients such as lettuce, cucumber and tomato, there is always a selection of vegetable and side dishes. But the company’s decision to use fresh, seasonal and regional produce certainly doesn’t mean that the selection is limited and the recipes aren’t varied.

The dishes on offer are actually modern and diverse: for example, employees could end up with an Alpine potato gratin together with a Levantine tabouleh on their plates. But we employees are particularly delighted when we get to sample local cheese or other surprises from the Tepan, such as fried eggs or fish.

Fuelled with enough vitamins?

Fruit and vegetables are also important for BORA when it comes to healthy eating. As such, BORA employees can help themselves to items from the fruit bowls in the communal kitchens at any time. These bowls are filled up with seasonal produce several times a day and the fruit comes from regional sellers.

Free hot drinks are also available. Employees can choose from a range of teas produced by a local family-owned company in Bavarian Bruckmühl – from classic chamomile and Indian chai to special teas with names such as “Winter Witch”. And coffee lovers get their fill too.

BORA employees can also enjoy free fair trade organic coffee (what else?) from a Bavarian roasting house. During fitness week, the coffee machine remains switched off and home-made fresh fruit and vegetable juices are offered instead. After all, good food and a healthy lifestyle take top priority at BORA, both in-house and externally.