Whether in the BORA X BO, on the Tepan stainless steel grill, in the BORA grill pan or in pots and pans on the cooktops – our BORA cookbooks are packed with recipes that can be optimally made using our BORA appliances. Discover delicious, healthy recipes that make it easy to cook to a professional standard at home, so you’re well-prepared for every occasion. Find out more about our cookbooks here.

365 days: Everyday recipes – healthy and simple

Everyday inspiration

Healthy enjoyment made easy – draw inspiration from over 90 recipes from Germany, Spain, France, Italy, England and the Netherlands that are bound to delight you with their ‘je ne sais quoi’. This cookbook turns classic recipes into exciting taste combinations which make you really keen to try out some European cuisine. Whether you use it for preparing small dishes, starters, main courses or desserts – its varied dishes and pro tips by BORA experts make everyday cooking fun.

Crispy. Tender. Succulent. The easy way to cook with the professional steam oven.

The easy way to cook and bake with the BORA X BO professional steam oven.

The BORA X BO makes conjuring up top-notch dishes that tantalise the taste buds quick and easy. The over 70 everyday recipes in this cookbook offer you plenty of inspiration for using the professional steam oven to make traditional, international favourites – from a marinated flank steak through the perfect onsen egg to molten chocolate cakes. Rounded off with helpful tips from the BORA experts, baking and cooking have never been so much fun.

X BO cookbook

Star cuisine from the steam oven - recipes for the BORA X BO

Four top chefs meet at the steam oven...
... this could be the opening line of a great story. Or an extraordinary cookbook. Here at BORA, we opted for the latter. You are now holding the result: an entire book of recipes, developed by four chefs at the top of their game. An amazing source of inspiration – and the finest proof that you too can cook gourmet cuisine at home. This is instantly easier with BORA!

INDOOR BARBECUE - The big BORA Tepan book

How does barbecuing and creating stellar dishes all year round without leaving the kitchen sound?

BORA will show you how: on the innovative Tepan stainless steel grill you can cook delicious meat, fish, vegetarian and seafood dishes, and even sauces, pasta or desserts. Versatility combined with creativity: five chefs reveal their best recipes along with tips and tricks for using the Tepan stainless steel grill. Black risotto with shellfish, grissini, scrambled tofu, or mango sorbet and cookie sandwiches... Whatever takes your fancy, the BORA Tepan stainless steel grill guarantees maximum enjoyment.