Beyond the end of the extractor hood

Beyond the end of the extractor hood

BORA stands for many things: a kitchen revolution, the highest design standards and close ties with one of the world’s best cycling teams. But what does BORA actually do and what’s the famous brand all about?

A cycling team or kitchen appliances? Both.

“Bora” is one of the strongest fall winds in the world. BORA is also an Upper Bavarian company founded by Willi Bruckbauer, who revolutionised the kitchen as a living space worldwide with his innovative ideas. This qualified master joiner endeavoured to make kitchens more attractive. Conventional extractor hoods didn’t live up to his demands in terms of best design and top performance.

In 2005, he therefore developed the initial prototype for a cooktop extractor system that suctions cooking vapours downwards. This marked the beginning of the end of the extractor hood – a success story that has gone from strength to strength ever since.

Willi Bruckbauer is not only a pioneer in the field of ventilation technology, he is also passionate about cycling. It was therefore only logical for him to become the main sponsor of the BORA – hansgrohe cycling team in 2017. Regardless, whether BORA attracts attention for its premium appliances or its cycling sponsorship, BORA stands for “The End of Normal.”, excellent products and extraordinary experiences.

Cooktop extractor systems, a flex oven and much more besides

A great deal has been accomplished since the BORA story began. Our range of efficient cooktop extractor systems that draw cooking vapours and odours away where they are created has grown so much that we can now offer the perfect appliance for every customer – from the compact BORA Basic to the modular BORA Professional.

What’s more, our flex oven – with which we’re making further headway in the kitchen as a living space and expanding our product range – also boasts properties such as simple cleaning, unlimited design freedom, top performance and best design. The BORA X BO is a steam oven that allows you to bake, roast and steam-cook like a pro at home. With its sleek design, it also score points for its attractiveness – but what else would we expect of BORA?

So, what’s next? Our (clear) view is certainly directed towards the future. The one thing that restricts us is a lack of space for our many employees because our workforce is constantly growing, too. We are therefore having another building constructed at our Niederndorf site. We are also expanding our “BORAverse” for our end customers: soon, you will not only be able to experience BORA live in Munich, but also in the German kitchen metropolis Herford.

A powerful combination

BORA is one of the top players in the international kitchen appliance manufacturers market. And as demonstrated by the nationalities of its employees, BORA also looks far and wide to attract people of all kinds to Raubling and Niederndorf. BORA currently employs people from 25 different countries. Overall, we seek to handle as many processes as possible regionally or in-house. We also aim to produce our appliances and/or their components in the region.

Thanks to our employees’ extensive know-how, we constantly strive to optimise our existing products and develop new ones. Even though our company specialises in many different areas, we are all united in our conviction that we will write a new chapter in the history of kitchen architecture with our innovative products.