The kitchen as a  LIVING SPACE

The kitchen as a LIVING SPACE

Modern and multifunctional: Our latest products define the new comfort of cooking.

With the BORA X BO flex oven we are making cooking fun on a whole new level

We would like to present our latest all-purpose kitchen wonder: the BORA X BO flex oven. It combines several appliances in one, cooks really evenly while eliminating odours, is easy to use and to clean, and boasts a unique design. Whether you want crispy roasts, flaky croissants or gently cooked vegetables: thanks to its gentle, uniform steam production, the BORA X BO guarantees perfect cooking results – even when rustling up three fully loaded trays.

But what exactly makes the BORA X BO flex oven so special? The real innovation here is the steam extraction in the oven area thanks to our vapour box, which eliminates steam and odours directly when the door is opened. Once the BORA Smart Open door pre-opening system has been activated, the steam is first extracted from the oven chamber before the door opens automatically. That way, you don’t get a face full of steam and odours when you open the door using the convenient handle recess. If you leave the door in the same position after it has been unlocked, it will close by itself again after a while – protecting the food and saving energy. Not only does the BORA X BO prevent steam from escaping, but it also keeps your kitchen full of fresh air thanks to its integrated activated charcoal filter. And it goes without saying that, just like all BORA products, the BORA X BO flex oven is really easy to use and extremely quiet. Through the intuitive menu navigation, each function can be activated in up to three steps. The 19-inch full-graphic touch screen can be folded up, making the BORA X BO steam oven very ergonomic to operate when installed in a floor unit.

With its high-quality touch sensors, the screen is operated just like a smart phone. And we evidently went that extra mile to ensure optimum cooking results. The BORA X BO flex oven stands out due to its ultra-fast heating and its completely uniform professional cooking performance. It also offers a choice of functions, such as manual or automatic cooking and various special programmes. That way, re-heating food just like in a professional kitchen is no longer a problem. Thanks to the unique four-point food thermometer, you can reliably determine the ideal cooking temperature. Located at the top of the oven chamber, it is inserted into the food to be cooked, e.g. meat or fish. The measuring points located along the sensor constantly detect the coldest areas of the food. Once the food has reached the pre-programmed target temperature, the cooking process automatically finishes. Even the cleaning process is child’s play: it works according to the dishwasher principle. The oven chamber is thoroughly cleaned and descaled by hot water and the environmentally friendly active ingredients in the two-chamber cleaning cartridge, promoting a long service life. However, the scope of functions naturally goes beyond the numerous cooking options and the excellent cleaning function. Among other things, there is also the option of posting messages on the display. That way, you can leave messages for other users or, via a special mode, offer holiday home guests a reduced operation scope for a quick start-up or changes to the settings. The oven’s unique design with its black panel effect, multi-level lighting and elegant glass surfaces will turn your kitchen into an attractive highlight. The BORA X BO flex oven is a true innovation for private households. Welcome to the future with BORA!

The BORA multi-drawer is a real all-rounder.

All-in-one: the BORA multi-drawer can be used for pre-heating, re-heating, keeping warm, gently cooking and many more functions besides. The intuitive operation rounds off the cooking experience. On the user-friendly touch screen, simply tap your finger to select the desired programme from the pre-settings, or set the temperature and heating duration individually. If the multi-drawer is installed with the BORA X BO flex oven, both appliances can be connected and controlled via the BORA X BO steam oven display. Even the appearance is in keeping with BORA’s customary top quality. The multi-drawer’s scaled-down ‘All Black’ design focuses on the bare essentials. For the handle-free front panel you have two choices: either you adapt its design to the front of your existing kitchen units and it blends seamlessly into your kitchen architecture, or you use the BORA glass front panel which matches the elegant design of the BORA X BO. Without exception, the BORA multi-drawer is made with carefully selected materials. The refined metal components and the black glass base ensure durability and robustness. All surfaces of the BORA multi-drawer are easy to access and therefore quick to clean. Thanks to its broad range of functions, the BORA multi-drawer is extremely versatile: in addition to the classic functions, you can also use it to prove dough, dessicate fruit, make yoghurt or dry herbs, for example.