The easy way to make glass ceramic squeaky clean again

The easy way to make glass ceramic squeaky clean again

Cooking is an experience. When you turn ingredients into delicious dishes your pots and pans bubble, sizzle and generate steam. When you’re in your element, the kitchen can look quite chaotic after a cooking session: a splash of oil here, a blob of sauce there and a burnt ring around your glass ceramic cooktop as the water boiled over while cooking your pasta. In this post we explain how to make your cooktop squeaky clean again with a few simple, handy tips.

Restore the sparkle of your glass ceramic

When you’re putting every effort into cooking and you have to keep an eye on several pots and pans at once, perhaps while entertaining guests at the same time, minor mishaps – such as a pan boiling over – can easily occur. Having to clean the cooktop after eating is simply too much for many people.

The glass ceramic used in BORA products is extremely scratch-resistant and heat-resistant, and it conducts heat effectively to the cookware. Scratches in the glass ceramic are not only caused by pots and pans, but also by grains of salt and sugar, coarsely ground herbs or even little grains of sand or stones that end up on the surface when you put your shopping bags down. When cleaning, you can also create smaller micro-scratches. The SCHOTT CERAN® glass ceramic used in BORA products and produced by our partner is particularly scratch-resistant. This means you can make the most of your sparkling clean cooktop for even longer.

Here are a few easy ways to increase the service life of your highly functional yet elegant cooktop: to prevent scratches from appearing in the first place, you should briefly wipe your pots and pans dry before putting them on the cooktop. Also, always lift up your cookware when moving it. Spills should ideally be cleaned up as soon as possible, preferably after cooking. When doing so, avoid using scratchy sponges, abrasive scourers or aggressive chemical cleaning agents. Read on to discover some tips and tricks on how to make your glass ceramic cooktop squeaky clean again.

Glass ceramic that looks as good as new – 6 tips for easy cleaning

With a few simple steps, your BORA cooktop extractor system with glass ceramic cooktop will look as good as new again. Here are our tips for easy cleaning:

  • Leave the cooktop to cool down.
  • To clean burnt residues such as milk or water that has boiled over, use a commercially available metal glass ceramic scraper and scrape it over the cooktop applying slight pressure to remove any mess.
  • For minor spills, simply wipe the residue from the cooktop with a dishcloth or some kitchen roll.
  • Squeeze a hazelnut-sized drop of glass ceramic cleaner onto the cooktop and rub it with a dry microfibre cloth in a circular motion. Leave it to work for a few moments.
  • Wipe away the residue with a damp microfibre cloth or some kitchen roll and, if necessary, wipe the surface dry with a clean, soft dishcloth.
  • Incidentally, the removable parts of your BORA cooktop extractor system, such as the grease filter, grease drip tray and the air inlet nozzle/cover flap, can easily be cleaned in your dishwasher.

BORA tip: the BORA Pure, X Pure, S Pure and Classic cooktop extractor systems feature a cleaning lock represented by a wiping hand icon. This function prevents you from changing the settings on your cooktop when wiping the operating panel during a cooking session. When the cleaning lock is activated, the operating panel is locked for 10 seconds. A countdown shows the remaining time.