From apples to zander – no problem for the steam oven

From apples to zander – no problem for the steam oven

Crunchy vegetables, crispy bread and succulent meat: these foods often turn out better in a steam oven than on a cooktop or in a conventional oven. Why is that so and which dishes taste particularly good when prepared by steaming?

The steam oven – a real all-rounder

In a steam oven, food can be steamed, stewed, baked, roasted or simply heated up. Our BORA X BO flex oven is an all-rounder that stands out thanks to its professional cooking results. With high-quality appliances such as the X BO, you don’t even have to choose one of the preparation methods, you can simply select the desired dish in the preset programmes and leave the all-rounder to do the work for you.

But even with appliances that don’t have a pre-selection option, preparing healthy and delicious meals with steam is child’s play. Here’s an overview of which cooking method leads to the best results with which food?

The pure pleasure of steam

Whether broccoli, carrots or green asparagus – when steamed, vegetables retain their colour, flavour and, above all, valuable vitamins and nutrients, some of which are lost when boiled in a pot of water. Therefore, vegetables that come out of the steam oven are not only more appetising to look at, but also healthier and tastier. Best of all, they have a good bite to them.

Preparing rice in a steam oven is much easier than in a pan because it’s almost impossible to burn it this way. Most appliances have accessories such as special rice bowls or unperforated containers that are perfect for cooking rice. Simply steam the rice in this container with some water and salt in the steam oven and it’s sure to be fluffy and airy. The rule of thumb for the right amount of water: for every cup of rice, there should be about one and a half cups of water.

Bavarian specialities such as “Dampfnudeln” (steamed dumplings) also come out particularly well in a steam oven, as their name suggests. Generally, all other types of dumplings or ravioli can be steamed. You can also prepare pasta in a steam oven: simply put it in the appliance in an unperforated container with some water and salt and wait for it to cook.

Convinced from start to finish

Did you know? Steam ovens are also ideal for preparing meat or bread. Their roasting function makes lean cuts of beef, veal or poultry particularly succulent. What’s more, a high-quality appliance such as the X BO often has a roasting thermometer that monitors the desired core temperature of the roast and regulates the cooking temperature automatically.

To make the crust of your bread extra crispy, our flex oven also removes moisture from the food. Regular “evaporation” keeps the bread light and moist, helps it to rise and, together with the heat, gives it a crunchy and shiny crust. The same goes for pizza: the dough rises higher than in a conventional oven due to the penetrating steam, so this Italian classic is ready much faster.

Lastbut certainly not least, you can also prepare desserts in steam ovens. For example, steaming produces a particularly appetising compote. Steam-cooked fruit is also ideal for puréeing, such as for making home-made jam or baby food. Click here for some more recipe suggestions and preparation methods in our BORA X BO flex oven.