Tasty ways to barbecue without meat

Tasty ways to barbecue without meat

Many people like cooking outdoors in summer. After all, BBQs taste great, are very sociable and can cater to everyone, including vegetarians and vegans. Read on to find out how you can also have a vegan or vegetarian barbecue indoors.

Summer trend for 2023: vegetarian BBQs

Barbecues have many advantages: the burnt charcoal generates smoke, which lends food an unmistakable char-grilled flavour, the high temperatures give meat and vegetables a crisp crust, and the caramelisation of the sugar contained in many foods creates a particularly sweet and intense taste.

But you can also have simple, delicious and healthy barbecue without meat. Aromatic barbecued veg with olive oil and herbs is always a hit, as a side or main dish. The most popular barbecue vegetables are courgettes, mushrooms, peppers, aubergines, corn on the cob, tomatoes and asparagus. It’s best to pre-cook firm vegetables such as potatoes, carrots and pumpkin before putting them on the grill.

You’d like to try something new? Then why not try barbecuing some stuffed mushrooms topped with tangy cheddar? For the filling you can be as creative as you like – from dried tomatoes to spinach or feta – whatever tickles your tastebuds. You can also prepare classic BBQ skewers with vegetarian ingredients, such as halloumi and vegetables. Barbecued feta with a Mediterranean marinade is particularly appetising.

There are lots of other recipe ideas for a great vegetarian BBQ. Basically, you can use anything that you would cook in a normal frying pan or grill pan. Tofu and meat substitutes made of soy, pea protein and seitan work equally well on a vegetarian barbecue.

The easy and tasty way to enjoy a vegan BBQ

Preparing a vegan barbecue is as easy as pie, because in addition to grilled vegetables you can also cook smashed potatoes, a light and summery pasta salad or burgers with vegetable patties or falafel.

Dip tip: instead of buying sauces and dips, why not make them yourself? For example, you could jazz up your seitan skewers with an exotic peanut & coconut sauce, or make an orange & harissa marinade for your barbecued sweet potato. Classic or beetroot hummus also makes the perfect vegan side for BBQs.

Who hasn’t experienced a full-up stomach after indulging in a delicious variety of BBQ foods? Whether you’re preparing a vegan or vegetarian BBQ, fruit always makes a great dessert. Barbecued bananas or strawberry & pineapple skewers are particularly popular for afters. Simply serve them with a quick chocolate sauce, and your sweet BBQ dessert is ready to go.


Indoor barbecuing: good preparation = perfect enjoyment

When you hear the word barbecue you automatically think of cooking in the garden, your local park or on your patio in the evening with friends, But did you know you can actually barbecue indoors in your very own living room – and at any time of the year? However, you need to bear the following in mind:

  • When barbecuing indoors, don’t use a classic charcoal kettle grill as the smoke would disrupt your neighbours and harm your health.
  • Instead, we recommend using a grill pan for your cooktop for indoor barbecuing. This pan saves space and is straightforward to use. It lends your food mouth-watering aromas.
  • Make sure you have enough air circulation by selecting the appropriate settings on your cooktop extractor system. That way, you’ll be able to see your guests clearly while barbecuing, without the annoying stench of fat clinging to your clothes and hair.

With the right food, the right equipment and some nice guests there’s nothing to stop you from having a summer barbecue party come rain or shine. All that’s left to say is enjoy your animal-friendly BBQ and ‘bon appétit’!