Culinary reinterpreted: About Fuel, Food Blog from Berlin

Culinary reinterpreted: About Fuel, Food Blog from Berlin

Inventive, seasonal and locally sourced – this is a fresh take on food, this is Berlin-based food blog ‘About Fuel’.

‘About Fuel’ is written by Fabian, a Berlin-based foodie, food blogger, food stylist and keen amateur chef. What fuels Fabian is his passion for the big, fascinating world of gastronomy. This passion is what inspires him to come up with new recipes and drinks, as well as share interviews, restaurant reviews and travel reports with his readers and followers on his food blogzine ‘About Fuel’.

Fabian was just 12 years old when he first discovered his love of food and creative cooking. For him, cooking is equal parts fun, passion and personal expression. Fabian’s favourite part is discovering as many new flavours, ingredients, textures and cooking techniques as possible, keeping him inspired day after day.

His work centres around developing creative recipes using the finest, usually seasonal ingredients, which he sources locally as much as he can. When Fabian comes up with recipes, he aims to invent something completely new or tweak classic and popular dishes to recreate them as version 4.0.

Finding inspiration and sharing culinary ideas: the Berlin-based foodie creative regularly talks with other people about ingredients and how they’re prepared. Most of his recipes stem from this love of discovering new things, combined with his cooking expertise and his inherent ‘flavour library’. ‘Whether my readers recreate my recipes to the letter doesn’t matter to me,’ says Fabian. ‘My aim is just to inspire, create culinary experiences and get people interested in food and cooking.’

Fabian has been cooking in his new kitchen with the BORA cooktop extractor system for a while now and says that he is mega happy with it. His kitchen design standards were quite high: “Everything has to be where it belongs, work perfectly, look good, and make the preparation of various dishes easy and enjoyable.