The professional steam oven for your home. – Steam baking to perfection.


Fresh air and clear view

Retain a clear view at all times: the BORA X BO stops you getting a face full of steam when you open the door. Its automatic steam extraction function draws the steam backwards before the door is opened – dehumidified, cooled and filtered. The odour filter even minimises the strong smell typical of fish. Thanks to the multilevel LED lighting, you can see your food through the glass pane in the door in realistic colours – on all three levels.

Simple operation

The BORA X BO is controlled via a huge 19-inch display that can also be folded up if necessary. The touchscreen simply responds to the touch of your fingertips, just like a smartphone. Numerous preset programmes and an intuitive user navigation make cooking as easy as pie!

Cleaning made easy

Is your oven chamber dirty? No problem! The BORA X BO makes life easier for you with both an intensive cleaning and a drying programme – so you don’t even need to wipe it dry afterwards! The two-chamber cartridge leaves the oven chamber spotlessly clean without the slightest effort – just like the plates and cups in your dishwasher.

Top performance / best cooking results

As good as it gets: the BORA X BO stands out thanks to its particularly uniform cooking results and its optimum heat distribution. Your meals will come out perfectly, even when you use all three levels at once. For example, if you bake lots of croissants at the same time on three baking trays, they will all turn out equally good!



With two selectable views (slider and scroll wheel) for precisely controlling the BORA X BO, manual cooking is perfect for culinary enthusiasts who wish to set the exact temperature and addition of moisture in line with their personal preferences.


In the automatic programmes, the optimum temperature, cooking time and steam usage are preset for the selected food type or dishes. With some automatic programmes, the suggested settings for the degree of browning and done level (e.g. hard, al-dente, soft) can furthermore be customised using a controller. 


This operating mode is particularly ideal for users who switch from a traditional oven to cooking with steam as the temperature and humidity settings are shown on the display in the form of a knob, as on a conventional oven. There are four operating modes to choose from in the classic menu: hot air, baking with steam, steaming and hot air grilling.


The BORA X BO’s special programmes – keep warm, defrost, reduce germs, reheat, warm crockery, sous-vide cooking, dry, dehydrate, melt, prove dough, preserve, make yoghurt, bake bread and rolls etc. – make many cooking and baking processes easier thanks to precise presets.

First steps

Short videos displayed on the device itself explain the first steps when using the BORA X BO in a clear and comprehensible manner. Helpful information windows in each of the programmes provide further support during usage.


The perfect way to save and easily access popular dishes: this menu item enables users to store their favourite and most frequently used automatic programmes – and thus create their very own, personal BORA X BO cookbook!  


The BORA X BO makes users’ life easier with both a professional cleaning and a practical drying programme – so it doesn’t even need a final wipe. Thanks to the mains water connection and the environmentally friendly active ingredients in the BORA X BO cleaning cartridge, the chamber is thoroughly cleaned and descaled. 

New software update


BORA is continuously developing its products and wants to offer end users a number of optimisations with the new software update. This will improve the quality of both user navigation and contents. It should also make the BORA X BO even more user friendly.


The new release includes the following features:

  • Cooldown function: thanks to the new Cooldown function, the X BO now cools down faster so that other programmes with lower temperatures, such as the cleaning or steam functions can start up sooner.

  • Revision of existing automatic programmes: for selected automatic programmes, in future the requirements for optimum preparation, such as the temperature (room temperature or chilled) or the constitution of the food (thickness of cut or type of cut) are shown as starting conditions on the BORA X BO display. The starting conditions serve as guidance for four servings. The initial time displays on programmes that use the food thermometer provide rough guidance (four servings).

  • Additional features: the update enables new automatic programmes to be run on the BORA X BO. On many programmes, QR codes provide you with direct access to the corresponding recipes on the BORA website. New icons give you more guidance on the dishes at a glance: for instance, the snowflake symbol shows you dishes containing frozen food. Keeping your BORA X BO connected to your Wi-Fi helps you to ensure that your software is up to date at all times.


The principle: you want something, the BORA X BO can cook it. It’s as simple as it sounds. There are no levers, buttons or gimmicks, just plenty of professional-standard functions, like self-cleaning and automatic steam extraction for a clear view and fresh air at all times. There is also a generously sized touch display for intuitive operation from any angle. Set the result you desire in just a few simple steps.



The BORA multi drawer can meet all your needs when it comes to heating up food and crockery – and do a fair bit more too. The clear touchscreen operating panel makes the appliance extremely simple to use while the handy pre-sets make it easier to regenerate or defrost food as well as to keep it warm. Even low-temperature cooking is possible. Combining the BORA multi drawer with a BORA X BO Flex oven and its numerous settings expands the range of functions even further. The BORA multi drawer also impresses with a refined ‘All Black’ design, premium materials and effortless cleaning. Truly ingenious!