Find suitable supplies and accessories for your BORA products and the best BORA cooking experience.


BORA Pots and Pans

We can help you to achieve culinary masterpieces. The BORA Pots and Pans range combines top-quality materials and the highest performance with our commitment to timeless design. Made up of five layers, finished with non-scratch silicone-coated polyester and embellished with a stainless steel edge, we are setting the standards for sustainability and even heat distribution.

BORA grill pan

With the BORA grill pan, perfect grilling is guaranteed all year round. The high-quality non-stick coating makes the pan easy to clean after use and ideal for preparing low-fat meals. Impeccable workmanship ensures rapid heat distribution when it is used on surface induction cooktops. Its size and properties mean that the grill pan can also be used in the BORA X BO without any issues. The scaled-down design allows the grill pan to blend in seamlessly with the BORA product range. 


Vacuum sealers


Make food last up to three times longer and reduce waste with the BORA QVac built-in vacuum sealer. Vacuum sealing retains both the food’s delicious taste and its appetising appearance. The BORA QVac is a multifunctional device that can be optimally combined with the BORA refrigeration and freezing systems, the BORA X BO and the BORA cooktop extractor systems.

Kitchen accessories

BORA Piccolo

Start your menu with a tasty amuse-bouche, masterfully presented on the refined porcelain spoons. The BORA Piccolo serving spoons fit perfectly into the specially crafted recesses in the serving board to enable you to beautifully present your finger food.