BORA Showroom in London
See how the vapour is extracted downwards. Hear how quietly the BORA extractor works. Feel the pleasant haptics of the premium-quality materials. And smell nothing but fresh air.
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The BORA showrooms enable you to experience how our products look and function with all your senses. The ideal base for helping you make decisions for your perfect dream kitchen.


Our showroom in London near Tower Bridge:

Lloyds Wharf, 2 Mill Street
London SE1 2BD

Business hours

Mon - Fri 10am - 7pm by appointment only

To arrange a presentation of our brand and products at the BORA LAB, please use the form to request an appointment.


Tel. +44 20 3693 1390

We look forward to welcoming you.

Meet the cooking revolution in London

Visit the BORA LAB, our showroom in London near Tower Bridge, where we host consumer demonstrations.
This unique showroom is situated within the loft of a converted warehouse where we cook for our visitors whilst demonstrating the magic of BORA.

BORA LAB London:

Lloyds Wharf, 2 Mill Street
London SE1 2BD

Tel. +44 20 3693 1390