BORACool Combi

Simple refrigeration and freezing intelligently combined.

The refrigerator and freezer with and without water connection brings together the best of both worlds. Ergonomically designed with high-quality materials which fill the interior with design highlights and round off the functional scope with logical storage and sorting features.


High-quality design

The refrigerator-freezer impresses with its high-quality design that makes use of materials like wood and all-black metal elements and an elegant colour scheme featuring shades of grey.

Unique ergonomics

In terms of ergonomics, the refrigerator-freezer has the following to offer. The BORA Fresh Zero drawers in the lower storage area which are placed on the pull-out trays without locking can be conveniently removed for loading and cleaning.

Range of functions and flexibility

The multi-purpose accessories can be expanded as desired with different features packages and complement the function and sorting concept of the refrigerator-freezer.

Storage with BORA Fresh zero

With BORA Fresh zero, the inside is split into two zones: a refrigerator area and a storage area. With our fresh system with temperatures close to 0° Celsius and humidity regulation, food can be stored for an optimum period of time.

Optional water connection for refreshing ice cubes

The refrigerator-freezer can dispense fresh ice cubes with or without a water connection as desired. BORA No Frost prevents the freezer space from icing over and thus wasting energy. This saves time thawing the freezer out.

Freely design to meet your needs

Design your BORA refrigerator entirely in accordance with your particular needs.

Features options

Choose from 3 features packages for your BORA refrigerator-freezer. The "Good" package includes the basic configuration. The other packages contain additional features items.


"Good" contains the basic configuration of each appliance it is included in the standard scope of delivery.

  • 3x glass plates refrigerator compartment
  • 1x tinned foods storage shelf with silicone mat
  • 1x bottle storage shelf with silicone mat
  • 1x multi-tray
  • 2x Fresh zero tray
  • 1x Fresh parting layer with bottle mat
  • 1x ventilator cover with filter and indirect lighting


"Good" contains the basic configuration of each appliance it is included in the standard scope of delivery:

  • 1x multi spiked mat
  • 1x multi-tray 
  • 1x storage box
  • 1x sorting tubs


Items included in addition to the basic configuration of the "Good" option and the "Better" option:

  • 2x multi spiked mat
  • 1x multi-tray
  • 1x storage tray
  • 1x sorting tubs
  • 1x serving board
  • 1x multi-use hanging rack
  • 1x cube form
  • 1x bottle opener

A wide range of accessories

Customise your BORA refrigeration and freezing system to meet your needs with our range of accessories.

Storing food properly for a long time

We have put together the most important principles for storing food in the refrigerator so that you can long maintain the quality of your food at the highest level.

How to store food to keep it fresh
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