BORA grill pan

The joy of perfect grilling.

Scaled-down design, optimum compatibility, perfect cooking results. 

  • Dimensions: 47 × 27 × 6 cm
  • Weight: approx. 2.6 kg
  • Heat resistant up to 250 °C
  • Material: cast aluminium with high-quality non-stick coating

Compatible BORA systems

The BORA grill pan is the perfect addition to your BORA product range. Technically, it is optimally designed for surface induction cooktops. Thanks to its size and quality, it can also be used in the BORA X BO.

Accessories and spare parts (copy 1)

Copper core frying pan

BORA frying pan with a copper core for induction cooktops

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Piccolo set

Set consisting of 6 porcelain serving spoons

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Wendelstein 1838 m serving board

To go with the Piccolo serving spoons

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Glass ceramic cleaning set

Set consisting of cooktop cleaner, a BORA microfibre cloth & a BORA glass-ceramic scraper

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Perfect barbecues all year round

With the BORA grill pan, perfect grilling is guaranteed all year round. The high-quality non-stick coating makes the pan easy to clean after use and ideal for preparing low-fat meals. Impeccable workmanship ensures rapid heat distribution when it is used on surface induction cooktops. Its size and properties mean that the grill pan can also be used in the BORA X BO without any issues. The scaled-down design allows the grill pan to blend in seamlessly with the BORA product range. 

Recipes for the BORA grill pan

General questions about the BORA grill pan

To prolong the life of the grill pan, we recommend cleaning it by hand. The BORA grill pan is dishwasher safe.

No, metal scrapers must not be used in the grill pan as they can scratch the surface. We recommend using wooden or plastic spatulas.

The four silicone feet on the underside of the BORA grill pan protect the glass ceramic of the hob from scratches and prevent it from slipping during use. Use without silicone feet is not intended, as otherwise scratches may occur on the glass ceramic.

Because of the high handles, they do not get hot as quickly as conventional cast handles. In the long term, however, they will take on the temperature of the pan. When in use, the pan should always be handled with potholders or silicone grips.

The BORA grill pan may be loaded with a maximum of 3 kg when used in the BORA X BO.

Compatibility of the BORA grill pan

The BORA grill pan was specially designed for the BORA surface induction coils and has an optimum even heat distribution there for a perfect cooking result. It cannot therefore be used on round induction coils.

The BORA grill pan is not suitable for use on hobs with radiant heating elements (ceramic hobs) or for gas hobs or use over open flames.

The BORA grill pan is oven-safe up to 250°C and can be placed on a baking tray or oven rack in the oven.