Cooking and lifestyle in optimal light conditions

The kitchen is one of the rooms that we probably spend the most time in at home. Whether open or as an enclosed space, with kitchen island or kitchen counter – the right lighting is essential. Dimmed warm light for meals or radiant clear light for cooking – lighting must be functionally appealing or emotionally appealing, to ensure the best possible cooking experience and to transform the kitchen into a place of well-being, where you want to linger.

A place for light – above the cooktop and in the living space

Remove an annoying extractor hood, to create the ideal conditions to effectively and functionally illuminate the cooking activities above the cooktop. Kitchen lighting completely rounds out the shared enjoyment around the dining table in stylish elegance.

Clear view

Optimum illumination without obstructing the view of the essential: Minimalist BORA lighting effectively and elegantly enhances the kitchen and leaves the view of the work areas or the area above the dining table free.

Simple operation

Our linear pendant light BORA Horizon can be intuitively controlled by gestures. In the three-light options, the BORA Stars can likewise be variably dimmed via a knob or light switch.

Top performance

A single source for everything and with top quality. BORA lighting rounds out the holistic product range and impresses with excellent colour and brightness capacities.

Simple cleaning

Thanks to high-quality materials, easy to clean with glass cleaner and a damp cloth.

Timeless design

Each is available in three different colours, our lighting rounds out the overall ambiance of the kitchen architecture with the calming design object of timeless elegance.

Lighting with comprehensive use

The linear BORA Horizon pendant light as well as the vertical BORA Stars pendant light are suspended above worktops, cooktops or the dining table and through the dimming function ensure optimal lighting and a pleasant atmosphere for the desired situation.

BORA Horizon

The BORA Horizon linear pendant light provides indirect ambient light above the dining table; it also serves as a direct light source above the cooktop. The five colour temperature settings as well as the infinitely adjustable dimmer function create a pleasant atmosphere in any cooking situation.


BORA Stars

The variable BORA Stars system makes every living space an opportunity for individual design: The BORA Stars vertical pendant light is available as a single light tube in both a surface-mounted version and a built-in version, or with three lights in either a linear or circular arrangement. BORA Stars can be variably dimmed via rotary knob or light switch.