BORA Pots and Pans

Professional cookware for all occasions.

We can help you to achieve culinary masterpieces. The BORA Pots and Pans range combines top-quality materials and the highest performance with our commitment to timeless design. Made up of five layers, finished with non-scratch silicone-coated polyester and embellished with a stainless steel edge, we are setting the standards for sustainability and even heat distribution.

Available from autumn 2024


Ergonomic, stay-cool handles

The handles on our BORA Pots and Pans have been meticulously designed for comfort even when pans are full. The handles do not overheat during cooking. The distance between the handles and the pot or frying pan itself is intended to prevent any risk of burns.

All Black silicone and polyester coating

The outer silicone and polyester coating gives BORA Pots and Pans an elegant deep black finish. The coating stands out for its scratch resistance and robustness. It is unique in terms of quality, matt finish and colour. 

Made of 5-ply stainless steel

All items in the BORA Pots and Pans cookware range are made in one piece, with no added base layer, to make heat distribution as even and efficient as possible. The 5-layer structure consisting of two layers of stainless steel and three layers of aluminium ensures that the cookware is heated evenly.

BORA tiltable lid

Designed to ensure optimum steam extraction on cooktop extractor systems, the BORA tiltable lid can be tilted at different angles when cooking. It can be opened or closed in a single step. When open, the BORA tiltable lid effectively channels the steam straight into the BORA cooktop extractor. 

7-part pot set

For maximum flexibility and outstanding performance. The 7-part BORA pot set provides the perfect pot for every occasion. Three pots measuring 16, 20 and 24 cm, a saucepan and three lids complement each other whatever you’re cooking and effortlessly cope with conjuring up large and small meals alike.


3 pots
Diameters: 16, 20 and 24 cm


1 saucepan
Diameter: 16 cm


3 lids
Diameters: 16, 20 and 24 cm. The lid of the 16 cm pan can also be used for the saucepan.

2-part pan set

The BORA pan set is your perfect everyday companion. These two BORA pans measuring 20 and 24 cm across give you maximum flexibility when cooking a wide range of dishes and quantities.


2 pans
Diameters: 20 and 24 cm

Stew pan

The BORA stew pan opens up endless opportunities for frying, braising and steaming. Its optimum size provides plenty of room for even larger servings. 



1 pan
Diameter: 28 cm

Cooking with BORA

Porridge à la bircher

For a healthy, energy-packed start to the day

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Beef skewers with red onion and okra

Tender and succulent meat with spicy vegetables – a perfect main

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Israeli shakshuka

A vegetarian, Levantine dish made with eggs, peppers, onions and a tomato sauce

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Fettuccine with Aubergine and char

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Accessories and spare parts

Grill pan

Set of 1 BORA grill pan and 4 BORA silicone feet

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Copper core frying pan

BORA frying pan with a copper core for induction cooktops

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365 days: everyday recipes – healthy and simple

A collection of 99 recipes for everyday meals

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Piccolo set

Set consisting of 6 porcelain serving spoons

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Wendelstein 1838 m serving board

To go with the Piccolo serving spoons

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Glass ceramic cleaning set

Set consisting of cooktop cleaner, a BORA microfibre cloth & a BORA glass-ceramic scraper

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General questions on BORA Pots and Pans

The BORA pans can be cleaned in the dishwasher, but the frying pans are not completely dishwasher safe as the coating may be damaged. To prolong the life of our pans and frying pans, we recommend cleaning them by hand. 

To avoid scratching the glass ceramic on the cooktop, the flat pan bases have no protruding features like imprints.

BORA Pots and Pans can be used on all cooktops.

Our Pots and Pans cookware can be used both in the X BO and other (steam) ovens.

At present our Pots and Pans cookware is only available as a set.