Smart, well-organised food refrigeration.

With two separate areas, one for cooling and one for storing, our refrigerator offers ideal temperature conditions for various foods. At temperatures close to 0°C, the BORA Fresh zero area featuring humidity regulation is optimally designed for storing food.


High-quality design

Design based on BORA’s commitment: Wood and metal elements and sophisticated grey tones serving as design highlights pervade the interior room design, which completely does away with trims.

Unique ergonomics

The ergonomic design provides an advanced level of flexibility with removable drawers on pull-out trays for easy filling and cleaning.

Broad range of functions and outstanding flexibility

The specially developed accessories are characterised by their several use options. They make a valuable contribution to the systematic order in the refrigerator and can be placed directly on the dining table as a serving container. The accessories can be individually expanded with different features packages.

Individual storage area – BORA Fresh zero

With BORA Fresh zero, the inside is split into two zones: a refrigerator area and a storage area. With our fresh system with temperatures close to 0° Celsius and humidity regulation, food can be stored for an optimum period of time.

Optimum lighting

Our lighting concept was developed for consistent, all-enveloping lighting and evenly lights up all corners of the refrigerator interior.

Versatile: with and without 4-star freezer compartment

Our refrigeration system is also available in a variant that features a 4-star freezer compartment. Freeze food at approx. -18° Celsius and enjoy long-lasting freshness.

Freely design to meet your needs

Design your BORA refrigerator entirely in accordance with your particular needs.


Features options

Choose from 3 features packages for your BORA refrigerator. The "Good" package includes the basic configuration. The other packages contain additional features items.


"Good" contains the basic configuration of each appliance it is included in the standard scope of delivery.

  • 4x glass plates refrigerator compartment
  • 3x tinned foods storage shelf with silicone mat
  • 1x bottle storage shelf with silicone mat
  • 1x multi-tray
  • 3x Fresh zero tray
  • 1x Fresh parting layer with bottle mat
  • 1x ventilator cover with filter and indirect lighting


Items included in addition to the basic configuration of the "Good" option:

  • 1x multi spiked mat
  • 1x multi-tray 
  • 1x sorting tubs
  • 2x storage box


Items included in addition to the basic configuration of the "Good" option:

  • 2x multi spiked mat
  • 1x multi-tray
  • 2x storage tray
  • 1x sorting tubs
  • 1x serving board
  • 1x multi-use hanging rack
  • 1x storage tray
  • 1x bottle opener

A wide range of accessories

Customise your BORA refrigeration and freezing system to meet your needs with our range of accessories.

Storing food properly for a long time

We have put together the most important principles for storing food in the refrigerator so that you can long maintain the quality of your food at the highest level.

How to store food to keep it fresh

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Other products

Discover the variety of BORA refrigeration and freezing systems and find the right product for your kitchen.

BORA Cool Combi

Store food for long-lasting freshness; two separate cooling circuits prevent food from drying out and they also prevent odour transmission between the refrigeration area and freezing area. With or without a water connection for personal ice cube enjoyment.

BORA Freeze

Ice cold without bothersome freezer frost: Freeze without undesired frost in the freezer compartment thanks to No Frost Technology and enjoy the advantages of our unique pull-out trays and the integrated water connection for ice cubes.