BORA - hansgrohe top 5: the cycling pros’ favourite snacks

BORA - hansgrohe top 5: the cycling pros’ favourite snacks

May 2023

As beginners and professionals know from experience, cycling burns a huge amount of calories. On longer rides, cyclists need to keep an eye on their energy balance, otherwise they may end up experiencing the dreaded ‘bonk’ when their body runs out of ‘fuel’ and they simply can’t go on. To prevent this from happening in the first place, cycling professionals have their own individual snack preferences. But they all agree that the energy they consume needs to be replenished, preferably in the most efficient and tastiest possible way. We took a sneaky peak into the BORA - hansgrohe guys’ jersey pockets and came up with the following top 5 cycling snacks.

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5th place: Wine gums

Wine gums for professional cyclists who watch what they eat and need to follow the most nutritious diet possible? It may sound funny, but wine gums make sense when eaten at the right time and in the right amount. Insider’s tip: the sugar in these sweets gives a real energy boost after a race or at the end of a really tough training session.

4th place: Sandwiches

A savoury snack instead of a sweet treat? This is the preferred option of Marco Haller and Cesare Benedetti, among others, who enjoy munching little sandwiches or filled rolls while training.

3rd place: Baked goods

For those riders who don’t want to take snacks with them and who have time, a bakery makes a great ‘pit stop’. Whether they grab a quick snack while on the move or take a proper break to enjoy a piece of cake and a nice cup of coffee in the sunshine, riders like Ide Schelling, Emanuel Buchmann or Patrick Gamper know the best bakeries in their training area.

2nd place: Bananas

This yellow wonder fruit is fat-free, easy to digest, rich in carbohydrates & magnesium and comes in its own ‘natural packaging’ making it ideal for jersey pockets. The perfect snack for any bike ride, not only for the majority of the Band of Brothers. For Patrick Konrad, eating a banana before a race has become a kind of ritual.

1st place: Energy bars & gels

The absolute classic for every cyclist. These items provide maximum energy and nutrients and are tolerated really well. These solid bars or liquid gels come in all kinds of flavours, so there’s something for everyone. BORA - hansgrohe is a particular fan of MNSTRY products. Our cycling professionals won’t leave the house or the team bus without one of these bundles of energy. After all, they know exactly how much and when they need to eat to ensure maximum pedal power during the key stages of a race or a training session.