BORA - hansgrohe top 5: Snack attack!

BORA - hansgrohe top 5: Snack attack!

November 2023

What are BORA - hansgrohe professional cyclists’ top 5 snacks when they aren’t riding their bikes? Read on to find out which light bites replenish their energy stores and do wonders for their body and soul.  

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BORA - hansgrohe / Anderl Hartmann  
BORA - Silvia Seebacher

Breakfast, lunch, dinner – most of us grow up eating these three meals a day, or something similar. But tastes differ when we feel peckish between meals, and professional cyclists have such a high energy expenditure that they simply couldn’t perform without snacks from time to time. It’s often necessary to find a compromise between healthy ingredients and soul food. After all, happiness and satisfaction are just as important as energy provision and optimum regeneration. But what do the BORA - hansgrohe guys turn to when hunger strikes between meals? We asked the riders to share their five favourite snacks with us. 


5th place: Hummus 

This item is perhaps the only real surprise on this list, but it certainly has its rightful place: hummus, an oriental speciality made of blended chickpeas, is extremely diverse – you can serve it as a spread on savoury baked items, meat or sweet potatoes, or as a dip with raw vegetables. Jai Hindley even goes so far as to say he could swim in it! Hummus is also very healthy as it contains complex carbohydrates, plenty of protein and, in comparison with other dips, very little fat. 


4th place: Ice-cream 

A classic, especially in hot weather – because a gelato is perfect for a day of cycling, not only for amateur cyclists who are in holiday in Italy. Whether in a cone, on a stick or in a cup, preferably low in sugar and topped with fresh fruit, ice-cream refreshes the body and soul alike. Emanuel Buchmann simply swears by it. 


3rd place: Chocolate 

Chocolate is undoubtedly the most popular sinful snack. Some people can’t stop eating it once they’ve opened a bar. However, professional cyclists should control themselves and weigh up exactly when and how much they’re allowed to eat. There are some types of chocolate that are actually healthier than their reputation might suggest. Indeed, dark chocolate (Bob Jungels’ favourite) contains plenty of antioxidants, which are good for the cardiovascular system and proven to make us happy. 


2nd place: Cheesecake 

Cake and cycling go well together, including for the pros on the BORA - hansgrohe team. There are so many types to choose from, yet the clear favourite is cheesecake! Nico Denz loves the French ‘tarte au flan’, whereas Maximilian Schachmann prefers the classic version. Whether topped with berries or as a sugar-free, low-carb variant – there are many ways to reach cheesecake heaven. 


1st place: Yoghurt with muesli and fruit 

Simple, fast, diverse and guaranteed to get the thumbs-up from any nutritionist. Yoghurt or quark form the creamy basis of this snack, providing low-fat protein for regeneration after training. Muesli or cornflakes replenish the carbohydrate reserves, whereas fruity toppings add taste and valuable vitamins. That’s just the way Aleksander Vlasov and Toni Palzer, among others, like it.