Tarte tatin

Tarte tatin

Automatic programme “Tarte tatin”


Prepare the tart base   

Weigh out and prepare all of the ingredients. Put the flour, icing sugar, soft butter and egg in the mixing bowl of your stand mixer and knead the ingredients using the dough hook for around 5 minutes to form a smooth dough. Dust the work surface with some flour and roll out the dough. Cut the dough into a circle that roughly matches the size of the pan then set it aside.


Prepare the topping

Sift the icing sugar over the base of the frying pan, then add the lemon juice and the jam sugar. Peel and core the applies (using an apple corer if necessary). Slice the apples into approx. 1.5-cm thick rings. Put the butter for the topping in a metal bowl and melt it in the BORA X BO using the automatic programme “Melt chocolate”.


Prepare the tarte tatin

Arrange the apple rings evenly over the prepared sugar and lemon mixture in the frying pan. Pour the melted butter over the apple. Heat up the pan on the cooktop over a medium heat until the mixture gradually takes on a light-brown caramel colour. This process takes around 25 to 30 minutes. Please note: keep a close eye on the caramelisation. If the caramel becomes too dark it will taste bitter.
Remove the pan from the cooktop, place the dough circle on top of the apple in the pan and press it down slightly.   


Bake the tarte tatin

Put the pan in the BORA X BO. Start the “Tarte tatin” automatic programme and follow the programme sequence.


Leave to cool

After baking the tarte tatin, leave it to cool for around 60 minutes before turning it out onto a cake plate.


Pro tip

Leave the tart to cool for at least an hour after baking. To plate up, tap the base of the pan and if necessary warm the pan slightly on the hob. This will make the tart come out more easily.

Preparation: 60 min.
Baking/cooking time: 25 min.
Resting time: 60 min.



For the dough  

  • 250 g flour (type 550)                  
  • 125 g butter (soft)                        
  • 1 tbsp icing sugar                          
  • 1 egg (size M)                  
  • 1 pinch of salt                 

For the topping

  • 100 g butter                     
  • 1000 g Boskoop apples                
  • 160 g icing sugar                           
  • 15 ml lemon juice                         
  • 40 g jam sugar  

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