News 13.01.2019

10|10 Champion Edition

Cooking like a cycling champion

Eating healthy does not have to be complicated. With 10|10, we have developed a principle for everyone: Healthy and tasty dishes that everyone can whip up easily. The all take 10 minutes to prepare and 10 minutes to cook. A healthy, balanced diet is essential, especially for athletes. It promotes well-being, lifts the mood, supports performance and helps with recovery and healing processes. At races and in training camps, our boys are looked after by nutritionists and cooks of the BORA – hansgrohe team. So that they can maintain a good and healthy diet at home without too much effort, together with BORA and team cook Vroni Lutz, we have put together a new edition with recipes from and for the team. Diet is an important building block for the success of our boys, because not only practice makes perfect. And BORA – hansgrohe is a team of champions. We got our culinary inspiration from our 2018 national champions in Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Poland. Vroni Lutz has mixed masterful favourite dishes with national dishes, discreetly reinterpreted and developed 10 tasty dishes for our champs. The 10|10 cookbook is available from our BORA dealers.



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