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Teamwork makes the dream work

Thirty professional cyclists from 14 different countries in one team. After all, teamwork makes the dream work in cycling. Even though only one of them can be the first over the finish line, winning is a success for the whole team because you can’t win in cycling without domestiques who provide slipstreams, grab water bottles, keep the competition at bay and lead out the sprinters in the sprint.

Teamwork is a top priority in the BORA – hansgrohe team; it’s how the team has developed, improved and become more successful. The team started in the third division in 2010, still under the NetApp team name, and constantly evolved and improved. BORA got its first taste of sponsoring in 2012, having its logo appear on the jersey’s sleeve. Then three years later, in 2015, BORA decided to do it properly and became the main sponsor. Since they did, the team has come on in leaps and bounds. After the title sponsor Hansgrohe came on board in 2017, the team was finally fit for the UCI WorldTour, cycling’s premier league. The squad grew, with team members such as Peter Sagan from Slovakia joining. Known as the “rock star of international cycling”, he helped develop the team athletically and clinch some impressive, at times record-breaking, wins, such as his third consecutive World Championship (2017), his sixth and seventh green “points” jerseys at the Tour de France (2018 and 2019). He also brought the team its first “Monument” victory at the Paris–Roubaix race (2018), its first yellow jersey at the Tour de France (in the second stage of the 2018 race) and the Maglia Ciclamino jersey for winning in the points classification at the Giro d’Italia. He was by no means the team’s only key to success. Pascal Ackermann from Germany (36 wins) and Sam Bennett from Ireland (38 wins) worked hard to help rack up the victories for BORA – hansgrohe. With BORA as the main sponsor, the team had bagged an impressive 182 wins by the end of 2021, including 23 national championships (17 road races and 6 time trials) and one World Championship.

The team has lots of ambitious plans for the future. The squad underwent some changes: 11 new riders joined, and it became an even more international team. It will focus more on stage races and general classification specialists, with the ultimate goal being a Grand Tour win. Nevertheless, a strong BORA – hansgrohe team will continue to compete at the Classics, the sprints and the one-day races.

The team remains steadfast on one crucial point: they want to nurture young talent in the team and lead them to success. Emanuel Buchmann, who came fourth at the Tour de France 2019, turned pro with the team and is a good example of this. For the first time ever, two riders from the BORA – hansgrohe U19 squad will join the team in 2022. Cian Uijtdebroeks from Belgium and Luis-Joe Lührs from Germany have major potential, and the aim is to ease them into the professional world. Being mindful of the bigger picture and open to solutions that aren’t immediately obvious have paid off in the past. This is how former mountain bike pro Ben Zwiehoff and ski mountaineer and mountain runner Anton Palzer made an amazingly great start to their first road racing season in 2021.

The Band of Brothers, as the team call themselves, has a common objective for the 2022 season. They need to have confidence, provide mutual support and be able to rely on one another. This then fosters courage, authenticity, loyalty, a sense of responsibility and ultimately success. And what could be better than team success? Everyone here at BORA wishes the team the best of luck for the coming season.


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