Keep a cool head with perfect freezing.

Freeze ice-free in the future in a way that optimises room utilisation with the freezer from BORA. The No Frost technology and useful accessories allow for simple and optimal freezing. Thanks to the water connector and Ice Maker, there’s nothing standing in the way of a spontaneous party.

Available from summer 2024


High-quality design

The elegant colour scheme in dark grey tones paired with high-quality materials is what makes the design standard of the freezer so special.

Sophisticated freezer ergonomics

Thanks to the pull-out trays and easily removable storage containers, storing and emptying become child’s play. The layout gives you an overview of the contents inside, making it easier to systematically store your food.

Accessories for completely unobstructed view

Equipped with a sophisticated basic set of accessories, keeping things orderly and knowing where everything is becomes a breeze. The accessories can be expanded with different features packages.

Pull-out trays

High-quality pull-out rails that are easy to pull out round off the ergonomic and sorting concept of the freezer and help when loading and unloading.

The dream team: refrigeration and freezing

Designed for maximum storage and efficient freshness. The freezer compartment offers a side-by-side solution as the perfect complement to the BORA Cool refrigerator.

Freely design to meet your needs

Design your BORA freezer entirely in accordance with your particular needs, thanks to our features options.

Features options

Choose from 3 features packages for your BORA freezer. The "Good" package includes the basic configuration. The other packages contain additional features items.


"Good" contains the basic configuration of each appliance it is included in the standard scope of delivery.

  • 4x glass plates refrigerator compartment
  • 3x tinned foods storage shelf with silicone mat
  • 1x bottle storage shelf with silicone mat
  • 1x multi-tray
  • 3x Fresh zero tray
  • 1x Fresh parting layer with bottle mat
  • 1x ventilator cover with filter and indirect lighting
  • 1x freezer compartment door


Items included in addition to the basic configuration of the "Good" option:

  • 3x Cool cube form
  • 1x Freeze wine cooler


Items included in addition to the basic configuration of the "Good" option and the "Better" option:

  • 3x cube form
  • 2x storage box
  • 1x wine cooler

Storing food properly for a long time

We have put together the most important principles for storing food in the refrigerator so that you can long maintain the quality of your food at the highest level.

How to store food to keep it fresh

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Other products

Discover the variety of BORA refrigeration and freezing systems and find the right product for your kitchen.


An optimal pre-set storage climate that meets a broad range of different requirements. Perfectly supplemented by useful accessories; with or without 4-star freezer compartment.

BORA Cool Combi

Store food for long-lasting freshness; two separate cooling circuits prevent food from drying out and they also prevent odour transmission between the refrigeration area and freezing area. With or without a water connection for personal ice cube enjoyment.