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News 19.06.2019

“Best Brand of the Year”

Special recognition for BORA

Team BORA continue on their road to success. Being labelled “Best Brand of the Year” in the product category “cooktop extractor”, we have now received a very special recognition. This award highlights our exceptionally rigorous and succinct brand positioning and brand management strategies, both important success factors. We were first nominated in 2018 in the TOP 100 competition as one of the most innovative companies among German SMEs and we were also considered for the Mittelstandspreis der Medien (Weimer Media Group award for SMEs) in 2018. 

According to BORA’s founder Willi Bruckbauer, “We are delighted with all of the praise and recognition that our brand development has received. Within just a few years we have been able to build up a coveted, internally recognised brand from scratch and write our own success story. We are very proud of our company and the team behind it.” 

Why is BORA the best brand?


About the Plus X Award

With an international, independent panel of experts from more than 80 different sectors and over 600 participating international brands, the Plus X Award is the biggest innovation award worldwide today for technology, sport and lifestyle. Deemed worthy of recognition are newly developed, innovative technologies, exceptional designs and intelligent, simple operating concepts – products that have at least one “Plus X” factor. The innovation award was started sixteen years ago as a project to protect and strengthen brands and trade, as well as to provide end consumers with better guidance. The “Best Product of the Year” is the highest accolade that a product can receive in the case of the Plus X Award. The award is based on the number of Plus X award seals of approval compared to competitors. The award for “Best Brand of the Year”, which is also only awarded once a year, works on a similar basis.


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