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Designerkitchen in a Victorian house

Designerkitchen in a Victorian house

Edmondson Interior Urban Chic

Victorian style meets BORA Professional

In a Victorian property from the mid-19th century, Edmondson Interiors from Goudhurst, Kent created a kitchen with character, flair and a certain Victorian style. When choosing the materials, great focus was placed on not only their colour but also their texture. Natural stone, wood and stainless steel dominate the kitchen design, with copper-coloured panels adding a touch of extravagance.

The ambitious amateur chef not only wanted a customised look but also a kitchen that offers plenty of storage space intelligently tailored to work processes as well as perfectly functioning appliances. When it came to the cooktop and cooktop extractor, BORA Professional was the ideal choice, impressing the customer with its perfect functioning, material authenticity, rotary-knob-based operation like in professional kitchens and simple cleaning. The customer opted for a combination of an induction cooktop, Tepan grill and BORA cooktop extractor, which provides an exceptional extraction experience. Cooking vapours and odours are directly draw away at the cooktop. The air is cleaned and returned to the room so no heat is lost from the house. The Tepan grill is also a clear favourite with the couple Kelly and Sam. It can be used to cook anything you like and simply cleaned with citric acid.

It was also possible to meet the desire for plenty of storage space (tailored to the work processes in the kitchen). Large drawers for pots and pans are located directly beneath the BORA Professional cooktop extractor system.

Kitchen studio: Edmondson Interiors

Designer: Simon Gray

Photos: Nick Smith

BORA Professional cooktop extractor, induction cooktop, Tepan grill



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