Star cuisine from the steam oven - recipes for the BORA X BO

Four top chefs meet at the steam oven...

... This could be the opening line of a great story. Or an extraordinary cookbook. Here at BORA, we opted for the latter. You are now holding the result: an entire book of recipes, developed by four chefs at the top of their game. An amazing source of inspiration – and the finest proof that you too can cook gourmet cuisine at home. This is instantly easier with BORA!

To celebrate the launch of our steam oven, we have a very special promotion for all BORA X BO owners: The first 10,000 warranty registrations will receive our new star cookbook as the perfect complement to the steam oven.

Portraits of the star chefs

Johann Lafer

A big table, or even better a long table: Johann Lafer doesn’t need much more than that to feel at home. Before long, the table is jam-packed with home-made delights from Johann’s pantry and delicacies from all over the world. Helicopter pilot Johann Lafer approaches the BORA X BO with openness, curiosity and a great infatuation with technology.

For him, the oven is like having a high-tech sous-chef by his side. A reliable appliance that suits his style and perfectly realises his vision: creating culinary pleasure with refined dishes and manageable effort.

Andreas Senn

Andreas Senn loves contrasts. You already notice this when you enter ‘SENNS.Restaurant’, his two-Michelin-starred establishment in Salzburg: in this former foundry, raw industrial charm meets stylish elegance. And one glance at the melodious menu shows that Andreas has created his dishes especially for the BORA X BO. Whether aubergine slices with celery salad and coconut foam or black rice mousse with carrot ragout and citrus mango granita – opposites come together here to create an exciting new harmony.

Cornelius Speinle

Cornelius Speinle appears at the photo shoot with his friend, Alexander Högner. Both professionals are a well-rehearsed duo, not only when cooking but also when developing recipes for the BORA X BO: Cornelius thinks up the culinary concepts, Alex ‘Högi’ shares the idea in depth and joins in.The main ingredient for both of them is humour: they add seasoning with a wink, while teasing each other light-heartedly.Cornelius stands out thanks to his eye for the extraordinary and his constant attention to detail. When Cornelius dishes up his works of art, they certainly have an effect on his guests. For him, perfection is the yardstick that he moves a bit higher as soon as he reaches it.

Eckart Witzigmann

It’s an absolute delight to watch the chef of the century at work. Each move is a tribute to food and the art of cooking. When coming up with his recipes for the BORA X BO, Eckart Witzigmann had just one thing in mind: “Turning the knowledge that we have gleaned over several centuries into something tangible.” Eckart Witzigmann and the BORA X BO: this is where two generations come together as equals. The chef of the century has operated many a kitch-en appliance, but he sees enormous potential in this one: it marks the beginning of an era that was unimaginable just a few years ago.

Cook like a star chef with the BORA X BO

BORA X BO - the new lightness of cooking

The principle: you want something, the BORA X BO can cook it. It’s as simple as it sounds. There are no levers, buttons or gimmicks, just plenty of professional-standard functions, like self-cleaning and automatic steam extraction for a clear view and fresh air at all times. There is also a generously sized touch display for intuitive operation from any angle.