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BORA: COVID-19 - Questions and Answers: what you need to know

We are changing behaviour and architecture in the kitchen living space - for your benefit and pleasure. In those times, your needs are even more in the focus and we stay close together with our BORA partners, to serve you. We are aware, that you have questions, concerning the special circumstances we all have to face. Here at BORA, we, too, are having to contend with this unexpected situation. We would like to assure you that we are doing everything possible - as far as we can influence it - to continue providing you with a comprehensive service over the coming weeks. Below, you'll find answers and advice to most important questions.

The team of our Customer Care Center is there for you as usual during the usual opening hours! These are Monday - Thursday, 08:00 - 18:00 and Friday, from 08:00 - 17:00

Please contact us by phone at +43 5373 62250-0 or by email at mail@bora.com.

Our technical service is still in use. However, due to COVID-19 there are longer waiting times. In addition, official regulations - which vary from country to country - can mean that our service technicians are no longer allowed to drive on assignments. We therefore ask you to contact our service team - preferably by email - to clarify the current status.

Below we have listed the most frequent possible malfunctions with solutions for self-help. In all other cases please contact our Technical Service: service.international@bora.com or +49 8035 9840-150.

You can order regularly at any time. However, delivery via our logistics service providers is subject to the official regulations of the respective country. Of course we will do our best to send the goods to you as soon as possible.

The BORA system is part of your new kitchen. Therefore we ask you to contact your kitchen studio. They are usually available for you by phone or email. Of course, we will do our best to deliver the BORA System to your kitchen dealer as soon as possible. Due to official restrictions, we currently have only limited or no influence on the delivery. But be assured that we are in exchange with our retail partners.

#boraathome: Join us on Social Media

The kitchen is the center of most people's homes right now and we hope that cooking with your BORA system is a little positive time out in this special situation. Through our social media channels we will continue to entertain you with exciting, surprising and inspiring topics and report on great kitchen projects and the joy of cooking. We are also especially looking forward to your contributions. Let us color this time together with creative ideas and delicious recipes and be more than ever a community that exchanges ideas about architecture, kitchens from around the world and delicious dishes. Just tag us in your story and add the hashtag #boraathome if you want us to feature you.
#stayhealthy #staysave #flattenthecurve

Help for self-help: Recognizing error codes and correcting faults yourself

Your BORA system with induction cooktop shows "E2"

Your BORA system is equipped with overheating protection. If the cooktop overheats, the power is reduced or the cooktop is switched off completely. The overheating protection can be triggered if:

  • cookware is heated without contents.
  • Oil or grease is heated at a high power level.
  • a hot cooking zone is switched on again after a power failure.

The overheating protection initiates one of the following measures:

  • The activated power level is switched back.
  • The power stage P can no longer be switched on.
  • The set power level is reduced.
  • The hob is switched off completely.

After sufficient cooling time, the hob can be used again to its full extent.

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Your BORA system shows "ER03" or "E03"

Depending on the cooktop type, ER03 or E03 is displayed across all 4 cooking zone displays and the cooktop switches off during operation. The reason: One or more sensor buttons are covered, e.g. by finger contact or deposited objects. Remedy: Please clean the control panel or remove the objects.

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Your BORA system shows "E5"

Either the power supply is interrupted or there is a fault in the module. Remedy: Please check the fuse and the power connection. If both are OK, the module may be defective. In this case please contact the technical service.

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Your BORA system shows "L" or lock symbol for BORA Pure and BORA Classic 2.0

This means that the parental lock is active and applies to all BORA systems. Please follow the steps in the operating instructions for your BORA system to switch off the child safety lock.

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Your BORA system shows "F"


This means that the activated carbon filter of your BORA system with circulating air should be replaced as soon as possible. You can make the change yourself. To do this, please follow the steps described in the operating instructions (see link to download area) under the section "Observe filter service indicator".
The indicator can also appear in the case of an exhaust air system. Please simply reset the display, a filter change is not necessary.

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