5|5 Pure Cooking

5|5 Pure Cooking

5|5 – The idea

Cooking for everyone: easy, healthy and tasty – and quick too! That’s the BORA 5|5 principle. Developed for those who want to make meals that are quick and easy but healthy at the same time. Taking just 5 minutes to prepare and 5 minutes cooking time, you can conjure up healthy dishes with a handful of selected ingredients.
Together with three-times World Champion Peter Sagan, our lads from BORA – hansgrohe have given the first recipes a try and love them!
See for yourself – have fun cooking and savouring these new 5|5 recipes!


Quick, easy and healthy cooking with BORA!

Rafał Majka and Rudi Selig rarely come together on the sports scene. However, when it comes to food, they both see eye to eye: Hurray – no pasta, just tasty spelt bruschettas with mushrooms, bresaola and ricotta!

Maximilian Schachmann & Emanuel Buchmann: This time, the two of them have freely interpreted Maximilian’s motto ‘We must always work on ourselves and keep on developing, otherwise we’ll soon be left behind’ and have set to preparing these stuffed portobello mushrooms!

Juraj Sagan, Andreas Schillinger & Patrick Konrad: When a Slovak, a German and an Austrian cook together, it can only lead to an unusual but strangely good combination. Sweet potato hash browns with feta and a raspberry dressing.

Lukas Pöstlberger and Oscar Gatto certainly agree on two things: ‘If you snooze, you lose - just do it!’ and they also found these cauliflower steaks with herb sauce simply delicious.

Indispensable, valuable helpers of the three times World Champion Peter Sagan, the two powerhouses Marcus Burghardt and Jempy Drucker are also good for a surprise. Jempy proved to be surprisingly good in the kitchen, hobby chef ‘Burgi’ thought.

Irish cyclist Sam Bennett not only understands his team-mate Peter Kennaugh very well in terms of language, but together they’ve managed to conjure up the most fun fish without chips that the BORA kitchen has ever laid eyes on. As far as language skills and cycling go, they’re both on fire and ready for the coming season.

‘When life gives you lemons, make lemonade’, says Christoph Pfingsten from Berlin and not only can Cesare Benedetti from South Tyrol translate the sentence into six languages, but he also puts it into practice.
They make a great team in the kitchen too, not using lemons to make lemonade but instead using them to baste salmon and green asparagus.

Felix Großschartner, Pascal Ackermann, Michael Schwarzmann & Gregor Mühlberger: It goes without saying that the four lads love this 5|5 recipe (prawns with sesame mangetout and cherry tomatoes) – its delicious and above all quick to make. Because we all know that patience doesn’t always come naturally to a professional sportsman...

Maciej Bodnar, Peter Sagan, Daniel Oss & Erik Baška: Teamwork makes the dream work – and for these four a dream came true after a hard day of racing with this wonderful steak on which they worked together perfectly as a team!

These spelt pancakes with berries and honey might not make Italian Davide Formolo and Polish Paweł Poljanski faster, but they certainly make them happier after a hard, energy-sapping stage.