Like cooking in fresh air – it’s second nature to us.

Our goal is to improve behaviour in the kitchen as a living space in the long term. Our cooktop extractor systems and steam oven create rooms that are free from cooking odours and annoying structural barriers, where life can be lived to the full.

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Nothing obstructs the view. There are no cooking vapours lingering in the air.

We are revolutionising the kitchen as a living space. With extraordinary products for extraordinary experiences.


We are using this commitment to constantly and confidently challenge familiar habits and the accepted status quo in order to question everything that is tolerated as normal but not actually ideal.


Our cooktop extractor systems and the BORA X BO all live up to the same commitment: fresh air, a clear view, intuitive operation and simple cleaning, all combined for top performance. 

Fresh Air

BORA draws away odours and vapours directly from where they are created.

Clear View

No annoying, head-height extractor hoods impair the view and no clouds of steam hit you in the face when opening the oven.

Intuitive operation

All important functions are instantly at your fingertips.

Simple Cleaning

All BORA products can be quickly and efficiently cleaned.



Effective vapour extraction in the kitchen as a living space – our cooktop extractor systems.


The professional steam oven for your home.