BORA S PURE – the cooktop extractor system with wake-me-up function

BORA S PURE – the cooktop extractor system with wake-me-up function

Around 2.6 billion cups of coffee are drunk worldwide each day. After water, coffee is therefore the second-most consumed drink in the world. How fitting that the BORA S Pure, our smallest cooktop extractor system, has an extra function for big coffee fans.

The BORA S Pure coffee function

At BORA, coffee is valued very highly. BORA is also cycling mad, and cycling & coffee go together like a saucepan and its lid. Coffee has a special tradition in the world of cycling: on longer cycle tours, coffee & cake breaks make cyclists’ hearts leap for joy. These breaks are scheduled during the second half of the route to give the riders an extra motivational boost. Among cyclists, a “coffee ride” refers to a quiet bike ride with one or more coffee breaks along the way. Here, the focus is clearly on enjoyment (and coffee) rather than reaching new personal bests. 

There are also a few similarities between Alfonso Bialetti, the inventor of the iconic octagonal coffee pot, and BORA founder Willi Bruckbauer. When Bialetti completed his prototype for a new stove-top coffee maker in 1931, the only place you could drink espresso was in Italian coffee houses. His moka pot revolutionised the world of coffee drinking by enabling people to make espressos at home. With the BORA S Pure coffee function, this famous pot has been given its very own function.

Find out more about what BORA and Bialetti have in common here. 

With the BORA S Pure coffee function, brewing coffee in an espresso pot is incredibly simple. The function automatically controls the brewing process in the induction espresso pot.

How the BORA S Pure coffee function works:

  1. Tap the required cooking zone.
  2. Tap the heat retention button twice.
  3. Select your desired fill quantity, which will be displayed.
  4. Tap the display C. The remaining time is shown in the multi-function display.
  5. 10 seconds before the time lapses, the system flashes the remaining time.
  6. After the end of the time, the cooking zone is automatically deactivated.

You can also watch this video to see how the coffee function works.

The experience of enjoying coffee at home becomes even more extraordinary when you also roast your coffee beans yourself: simply put the fresh, green coffee beans in a pan and roast them evenly all over at around 200 degrees, stirring regularly. After a few minutes, the beans will start to crack, giving them their characteristic crinkled appearance.


The BORA S Pure – small but powerful

The BORA S Pure is the smallest of the BORA cooktop extractor systems. Thanks to its compact size, it even fits into the tiniest of kitchens without compromising on maximum performance. The S Pure can easily be installed into standard kitchen units, opening up a whole new range of kitchen design options. The height of just 199 mm and the integrated recirculating air filter unit guarantee maximum storage space for pots, pans (for roasting coffee) and other kitchen utensils in the cupboard below.

The S Pure has four asymmetrically arranged cooking zones which are suitable for all standard pot sizes. The specially developed induction coils allow you to make full use of the cooktop so that you don’t have to go without large pots and pans when cooking. Due to the flush, minimalist design of the extractor and cooktop, BORA S Pure integrates perfectly into modern kitchen architecture. 

Just like its “bigger siblings”, the BORA S Pure is remarkably easy to operate: the vertical slider makes operating the cooktop even easier by intuitively swiping your finger up or down or tapping the controls. When the automatic extractor function is activated, the extractor power level automatically adjusts itself according to the current cooking conditions. The integrated drip tray catches both solids and liquids. In recirculation mode, odours are neutralised by a highly efficient activated charcoal filter.

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