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General questions about BORA

Steam and vapours rise at a maximum speed of one metre per second. The BORA cooktop extracts with cross flow suction that is higher than the speed at which cooking vapours rise. In this way, the cooking vapours and odours are effectively extracted on the cooktop.

BORA Professional cooktops are characterised by an extra-depth of 540 mm and a width of 370 mm, which allows for more cooking space. They are controlled via stainless-steel knobs with touch operation on the front cover. Thanks to a large number of different cooktops and ventilation components, BORA Professional systems can be constructed in a modular way, they are highly variable and can therefore be planned individually.

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BORA Classic cooktops have a standard depth of 515 mm, and their innovative sControl+ control panel with smooth hollow enables precise, intuitive operation. All functions are literally at the user’s fingertips. Thanks to a large number of different cooktops, BORA Classic systems are highly variable, making them easy to plan and customise.

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BORA X Pure is the surface induction system in the BORA Pure range of compact appliances. The striking design of the round, flush inlet nozzle and the new colour concept for the intuitive BORA sControl are its most eye-catching features. As standard with BORA products, the surface induction gives users maximum flexibility in terms of where they can place their pots and pans. Otherwise, the flush-mounted design of the X Pure system impresses with its subtleness and elegance. Thanks to the oversized surface induction cooking zones, X Pure always offers plenty of space to cook with four pans of up to 24 cm in size. eSwap makes changing the filter child’s play.

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BORA Pure is immediately recognisable by its central, round and slightly recessed air inlet nozzle as well as its flush design. Thanks to the central control and optimum layout of the cooking zones, BORA Pure offers a lot of cooking space. The system is operated by simply sliding the vertical sControl touch slider up and down or by clicking the plus/minus control directly. BORA Pure is a compact unit consisting of a powerful induction cooktop with various functions and an efficient cooktop extractor. It can be customised so you can add your own personal touch, as you can select the colour of the air inlet nozzle according to your colour preferences. Choose from five additional shades – greige, orange, red, jade green or blue. 

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BORA Basic is a compact unit, measuring 515 x 760 mm, and comprises a large cooktop with four cooking zones and a centrally positioned extractor. Its compact measurements enable the system to fit into even the smallest of kitchens, and as there is no extractor hood, there is also room for additional wall units. Users can operate the BORA Basic system using intuitive touch controls.

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Depending on the system, up to 300 ml of liquid can collect in the cooktop extractor and be washed away without issue. If more liquid than this gets into the cooktop extractor, this cannot damage the electronics as the air flow does not pass through the electronics.

With BORA X Pure, BORA Pure and BORA Basic models, larger volumes of up to 3 litres of liquid can be caught. The housing base can be removed for simple cleaning.

Objects that fall into the cooktop extractor land in the collection dish and can be removed easily. The stainless steel grease filter prevents objects from being drawn into the airflow.

All removable parts such as the grease filter, drip tray, air inlet nozzle/cover can be removed easily by hand and cleaned in the dishwasher.

In contrast to traditional extractor hoods with a high noise level at head height, BORA is quieter when cooking than normal noises that occur during roasting. The volume depends to a large extent on the individual installation and space.

Cooking vapour, evaporated grease and the odours that go with them are completely extracted where they arise – directly on the cooktop. The cook stands in fresh air, while his or her clothes and hair remain fresh and unaffected by cooking vapour.

Cooking vapour is easily absorbed even from a pot with a height of 20 cm. We recommend that for pots with a height of approx. 21 cm and over, you position the pot lid diagonally to conduct the vapours in the direction of the extractor.

You can purchase BORA products from our professional retail partners in kitchen studios, joinery firms and furniture stores.
With our retailer search you can find your nearest BORA partner quickly and simply.

Our BORA systems can be planned individually. For price information and an individual offer please contact a BORA partner in your area.

The normal manufacturer's warranty is 2 years. In addition to this, we offer you the chance to extend your warranty.

Yes, BORA offers an extended warranty for any BORA cooktop extractor system. Extending the warranty by 1 year to 3 years is free of charge. Furthermore, we offer customers in Germany a 10-year warranty for all BORA systems. The 10-year warranty can be purchased at a price of €249.90 (including statutory VAT). Being able to obtain a 10-year warranty depends on the place where the BORA system is installed. You will find the registration code on the sticker on the cooktop extractor and on a supplementary sheet. You can enter the registration code or alternatively the FD number (product number) at

Go to To register your system, you need the registration code. This can be found on your appliance’s sticker, nameplate or product insert. 

The warranty can be extended within the two-year manufacturer's warranty period. The manufacturer's warranty comes into effect when your BORA system is installed. Specify the installation date when registering your system.

Yes, the warranty extension applies to all BORA product lines that are registered within two years of installation.

No, you only need to register one of the cooktop extractors. The warranty then covers the whole system  (cooktop extractor/cooktops through to the pipes and wall sleeve. For further details, please see the warranty conditions).

You can find the warranty conditions under the following link:

Start the warranty registration for your BORA system as normal by entering the registration code (found in your system’s product documents). You can then enter the voucher code during the payment stage. Click ‘Buy and activate’ to complete the process and activate the warranty.

Either from your local BORA retail partner in store or in our online shop.

No, BORA products are only intended for the preparation of food in private households.

Questions about humidity

Relative humidity gives the saturation level of the air at the current temperature. Warm air can take up more water, cold air can take up less water. I.e. cold air is saturated more quickly. For a comfortable heat, the relative humidity lies between 25 and 60% at a room temperature of 20 to 25 degrees Celsius.

Application examples of ventilation and air-conditioning technology | Download | PDF (Source: TROGISCH, FRANZKE. Feuchte Luft. VDE Verlag)

During normal cooking, say cooking for approx. 30 minutes e.g. vegetables, fish or meat, the increase in relative humidity in the exhaust air is barely measurable. If water is boiled vigorously for 30 minutes, the relative humidity increases by approx. 10%.

Watch the video "How humidity develops during cooking” here.

In compliance with current building standards and the German Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV and DIN 4108), mould formation is excluded when using BORA air circulation or exhaust systems in old and new buildings, and in a normal indoor climate. Wood and kitchen components, as well as other components, are not damaged.

In general: Observe the general instructions in BORA’s assembly documentation for air circulation and exhaust operation!

Questions about the exhaust solution

In the case of BORA Professional and BORA Classic, it is possible to implement exhaust ducting of up to 16 metres using various fan modules and the BORA Ecotube duct system. For individual planning, you can always contact your professional BORA partner.

In the case of BORA Basic with surface induction BFIA, exhaust ducting stretching 10 metres is possible when using the additional duct fan ULIE.

For BORA X Pure, BORA Pure and BORA Basic, the exhaust channel should not exceed the maximum length of 6 metres.

Yes, each of the cooktop extractors needs separate exhaust ducting with separate wall sleeves or, optionally, its own recirculation unit.

Questions about air circulation

Yes, all BORA cooktop extraction systems can be planned both as air circulation and as exhaust air variants.

The recirculation filter unit ULBF must be changed every 1.5 years (300 operating hours), the recirculation unit UUE1 has to be replaced annually and the recirculation unit ULB3/UUE3 every two years. The integrated filter in the BORA X Pure and BORA Pure cooktop extractor system (PUAKF) as well as that in the BORA Basic (BAKFS) should also be replaced annually or after 150 operating hours. The integrated filter indicator notifies you when this period has passed. Click here to access mybora Shop, where you can order your replacement filters.

The recirculation unit ULBF is the follow-up model for ULB1 with Ecotube connection.

The purified air is fed into the plinth area from where it is released back into the room through a return flow aperture measuring at least 500 cm² per recirculation unit. Gas cooktops require a return flow aperture measuring at least 1000 cm² per recirculation unit.

In a normal indoor climate and with proper installation, there is no risk of condensation or mould. With regard to this, please take note of the operating instructions.

To guarantee optimal performance from the odour-neutralising activated charcoal filter, we always recommend the automatic after-run function. This runs for 20 minutes and adjusts itself automatically as soon as the ventilation is turned off. Basically, you should ensure that there is sufficient ventilation (e.g. an open window) when cooking in recirculation mode.

Questions about cooktops and accessories

Yes, a large range of modular cooktops is available from the BORA Professional and BORA Classic product series. Here you can choose between induction cooktops and HiLight or Hyper cooktops – the classic models with radiant heating elements. The gas cooktop and Tepan stainless steel grill complete the assortments. BORA Pure is purely an induction cooktop and BORA X Pure comes with surface induction. BORA Basic cooktops are available as Hyper and surface induction models. Here you will find more information on our product ranges.

BORA cooktop extractors are only available in combination with BORA cooktops and vice-versa.

The cooktops are precisely tailored to the measurements of the cooktop extractor and therefore enable optimal installation.

All BORA product lines can be installed flush and surface-mounted. For Classic, there is also the option of installing the standard combination with 2 cooktops virtually flush on worktops made of any kind of material with the help of the BORA Classic CER frame. 

No, the product lines cannot be combined with each other.

The BORA brushed stainless steel cooktop frame is an accessory for surface mounting. It is available in two sizes: BKR830 with a width of 830 mm for BORA Basic BFIA/BFIU and BKR760 for the 760 mm wide BORA Basic BHA/BHU cooktops and for BORA Pure.

The trim, made from 100% stainless steel, provides protection for the sides of all BORA cooktops with a depth of 515 mm. The trim can be retrofitted in the case of surface-mounted systems. The All Black model comes with our tried-and-tested diamond-like carbon coating.

The black air inlet nozzle is available as an accessory for all new  Basic models, which can be recognised by its nozzle with 8 rings.

The standard delivery includes the black PUED air inlet nozzle. The colour versions greige (PUEDG), blue (PUEDB), jade green (PUEDJ), red (PUEDR), orange (PUEDO) can be ordered separately as accessories.

No, despite having the same outer diameter of 173 mm, the removal technology (tilt mechanism) prevents the X Pure air inlet nozzle from being inserted flush into the BORA Pure. The same applies vice versa, i.e. the colourful Pure air inlet nozzles do not fit the X Pure.

Questions about planning and assembly

Yes, but you may need to shorten the depth of the drawers, depending on the installation.

Basically, this is not recommended, as the BORA system will not be accessible to service engineers when the appliance needs to be serviced. In addition, the cooktops could overheat. 

This depends on the position and number of cooktops and cooktop extractors. With a standard arrangement involving two cooktops and one cooktop extractor, you need a floor unit with a width of at least 900 mm for the BORA Professional and BORA Classic ranges. With three cooktops and two cooktop extractors, a width of 1,400 mm is required. This can be created by installing a single front cover across multiple floor units arranged in any format.

With BORA Basic BFIA/BFIU, the floor unit must have a width of 900 mm. With BORA Basic BHA/BHU and BORA Pure, the floor unit must have a width of 800 mm.

From the front edge of the front cover, a depth of at least 600 mm must be available (plus worktop overhang, if present) for the installation of BORA Classic, BORA X Pure, BORA Pure and BORA Basic.

The installation depth of BORA Professional varies according to the type of installation. A minimum depth of 650 must be given (plus worktop overhang, if present).

For all four BORA cooktop extractor systems, we need a worktop with a thickness of between 10 and 40 mm, including base. The base needs to be notched accordingly for thicker worktops.