A unique kitchen inspired by historical Prague

A unique kitchen inspired by historical Prague

The planners of this unique kitchen in a Prague townhouse were given the task of creating a kitchen which matches the style of historic Prague but has an open, cosy and modern feel, and they succeeded. The organic shapes, the fine materials and the skilfully placed gold details take us straight back to the Art Nouveau period. At the same time, materials such as glass fronts or deceptively real-looking artificial stone paired with high-tech BORA appliances add a touch of modernity.

Kitchen design: HVT interiery, www.hvt.cz

BORA Pure induction cooktop with integrated cooktop extractor

Photos: HVT

Warm and open with a hint of modernity

“The golden city”, as Prague is known due to the way the evening sun shimmers on its golden towers, has many Art Nouveau buildings. In the early 20th century, entire streets were ripped up and rebuilt in the then ultra-modern style called “Secese” in Czech. The townhouse where this kitchen is located is a prime example of this, right in the historic centre of the Czech capital.

When the new owners realised that they were moving into this special ambiance, they came up with the idea of designing their future living space to match the look and aesthetics of old Prague. The family of three (plus their four-legged friend) therefore decided to have the rooms redesigned in a cosy, modern and luxurious feel which wouldn’t clash with the style of the historical architecture.

They entrusted the kitchen design to the HVT kitchen studio, a Prague-based family business which designs and creates luxury kitchens and interiors. “Our customer had a rough idea that could best be described as cosy, warm and open with a hint of modernity”, explains Alexandr Paur from HVT regarding the development phase of this unique kitchen.

An elegant look coupled with high-tech appliances

“We worked very closely with the customer when choosing the colours, materials and appliances, but the design itself was a joint idea by our designers”, continues Alexandr Paur. The pronounced rounded edges of the kitchen wall and the kitchen island – a design that inevitably recalls organic Art Nouveau shapes – were inspired, inter alia, by the room’s specific dimensions, for example.

The matching tall units with their matt glass fronts and the golden accessories on the handles, the tap fittings and the lights all complement the elegant atmosphere. The golden accents and the imitation stone on the worktops and the back panel (which looks just like natural marble) lend a cosy, warm feel to the room as a whole.

The BORA Pure cooktop with its downdraft extractor blends in perfectly with the serene kitchen design. It sits flush as an eye-catcher in the light-coloured kitchen counter worktop, lending an open, airy feel to the room which wouldn’t have been possible with a head-height extractor hood. According to Alexandr Paur, the second reason why the customers opted for BORA in this kitchen is because they “simply love the effectiveness of the BORA exhaust air system”.

Curves as a recurrent element

In addition to the harmonious overall picture, the kitchen also boasts many impressive, well-thought-out details. The retro-design light switches and power sockets are just a couple of examples. Their nostalgic-curved shape not only refers to the history of the building, but also mirrors the curved design elements.

Another round feature is the air inlet nozzle of the BORA Pure cooktop system, and the handles of the floor units are also rounded – how could it be otherwise! The kitchen planners left nothing to chance, and references to the historical surroundings can even be seen in the tiniest of details. But as beautiful as the building’s historical architecture may be, it posed a real challenge when installing the kitchen.

As the only access to the apartment was via a tiny lift and a narrow staircase, the kitchen had to be transported up in many individual parts. On top of this, the building manager’s and the city administration’s strict regulations had to be adhered to. As Alexandr Paur recalls, “This meant that we weren’t allowed to generate an excessive amount of noise or dust.” But the kitchen fitters managed to overcome these obstacles with brio, creating a real dream kitchen in a real dream setting.