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Company and History


Willi Bruckbauer

Willi Bruckbauer is at the heart of BORA – the visionary, creative mind and driving force behind the groundbreaking cooktop extractor systems. With over 20 years of experience in the kitchen sector, the qualified master carpenter knows what people want from modern kitchens: to create a living space that meets the needs of the individual and makes them happy. Every day.

Extractor hoods are simply not part of this picture: they are loud, ineffective and visibly intrusive. They also restrict the possibilities when designing a kitchen. Willi Bruckbauer’s vision was to invent an effective vapour extraction system that meets the highest standards in terms of both technology and aesthetic appeal. Thanks to continuous experimentation and discovery, an innovative system was devised that draws off cooking vapours more effectively than ever before possible. The reward for our hard work: prestigious awards and accolades such as the ‘Deutscher Gründerpreis’ (German Entrepreneurs’ Award), ‘365 Orte im Land der Ideen’ (‘365 Places in the Land of Ideas’), red dot awards, Plus X Awards, German Design Awards, Iconic Award, German Brand Award, Good Design Awards, iF Design Awards and more.


"When I visit the company, I notice that there’s a special spirit, a special dynamic. Our staff lives and breathes BORA. Our success depends much more on my employees than on me. I just want to act as moderator. I’m incredibly proud of the dedication and passion displayed in our departments each day".

Cook meals and eat healthily: the ‘Hälzybas’ at the two sites enable employees to enjoy a healthy lunch made with organic, regional ingredients – completely free of charge. This literally brings together employees from different teams around the same table. The company uses this good nutrition to support its employees’ health.


We combine things that belong together: sport, health, openness to the world, team spirit, ambition and energy. These factors are all part of BORA’s DNA, and that makes the circle complete. You wouldn’t believe how many people throughout the world we’ve encouraged to get involved in cycling thanks to our commitment!

The members of our professional cycling team BORA – hansgrohe are also part of the BORA family. The innovative company BORA is consistently continuing along the road it set out on in 2015 with its commitment to cycling. BORA has chosen sponsorship that fits in with the company in every way and helps it achieve its marketing objectives. BORA’s CEO summarises the decision as follows: “We combine things that belong together: sport, health, a cosmopolitan outlook, team spirit and healthy eating. These all form part of BORA’s DNA.” You wouldn’t believe how many people around the world we’ve encouraged to get involved in cycling through our commitment to the sport – even our staff and retail partners. The team is the perfect ambassador for taking the revolution onto the road.”

The BORA Story

It was right! It was a good decision to set off on the path towards revolutionising the kitchen world with our first prototype over a decade ago. It was a gamble, but it paid off: kitchens needed to be more attractive and we’ve achieved that if you listen to thrilled users of our cooktop extractors raving about them: functionality, quality, aesthetics.
Willi Bruckbauer

First patent registration, BORA Professional

Development takes off when Will Bruckbauer develops his first cooktop extractor system BORA Professional and has it patented in 2006.

Establishment of BORA Lüftungstechnik GmbH

Willi Bruckbauer establishes BORA Lüftungstechnik GmbH to press ahead with his idea of a more attractive kitchen as the most important room in the house. An important resolution is made at the same time: “The traditional can, should and must be redesigned.”

Launch of BORA Professional

Alongside the BORA Professional cooktop extractor, the BORA Professional gas cooktop and Tepan stainless steel grill are created. At the same time, development of the induction and Ceran cooktops starts. Now with two employees, the company begins to export to Benelux, Austria and South Tyrol.

Receipt of award in the 365 Landmarks in the Land of Ideas competition for innovation

Focus shifts to the Swiss market, which is worked for the first time.

Launch of BORA Classic

Receipt of the Deutscher Gründerpreis (German Entrepreneurs’ Award) in the start-up category

Start of international expansion

Subsidiaries opened in Austria and Australia

First exhibition stand at EuroCucina in Milan

The company begins professional cycling sponsorship (Netapp-Endura team)

BORA Classic receives the Red Dot Award for product design

Launch of BORA Basic as a compact system

New head office opened in Raubling, with its own training centre for retail partners and installers

Broadcasting of the first TV advert

BORA now has 47 employees


Our Values

We are committed to the principle of simplicity. Our products are easy to understand, easy to plan, easy to install and easy to service. We even follow the principle of simplicity in our market development and internal organisation.

BORA is different. We represent differentiation. This relates to not only our products but also our attitude, our communications and our behaviour on the market. We offer surprises – through our products and our marketing: the BORA Truck, the cycling team, the TV adverts – think different.

‘Premium’ at BORA means excellent quality, an eye for detail, outstanding customer benefits and unique design in the relevant range. This definition forms the basis of our positioning. At BORA, premium includes innovation and durability – as manifested by our extended warranty.

We are transparent. We are open. We are reliable. When working with our development partners, global distribution partners and employees, we live by the value of reliability as a cornerstone of our relationships.

We are dynamic. We develop products, markets and people. Dynamism is part of who we are. We search for and offer opportunities, therefore helping our employees to develop. We are dynamic in every regard – in our energy, our fitness and our search for new challenges. Our commitment to cycling goes perfectly with this dynamism.

We have a strong sense of national identity. We are committed to this in everything we do. We are cosmopolitan yet strongly rooted. Our employees and our products are from our region for the world.Our quality and our products are from here. BORA is Made in Germany and Made in Austria. We are committed to this.

We are concentrated and focused. We develop cooktop extractors and put all of our energy, curiosity and skills into this business field alone. We are never distracted. We are specialists, not generalists. We develop for a niche, which has become a market in its own right. We are the original. We are the synonym. We are the cooktop extractor.