Conditions of Participation of the prize draw

§ 1 Subject-Matter

1. These Terms and Conditions of Participation and the Privacy Policy regulate the participation in the competition held by BORA Vertriebs GmbH & Co. KG (hereinafter referred to as the "Organiser") by the participants, as well as the collection and use of the data collected from or submitted by the participants.

2. By participating in the competition, the Participants accept these Terms and Conditions of Participation.

§ 2 Terms and Conditions of Participation in the Competition

1. The competition starts on 03.07.2021 11:00 CET and ends on 03.07.2021 16:59 CET.

2. The competition is open to persons over the age of 18 years (hereinafter referred to as "Participants"). Employees of the Organiser or employees of cooperation partners, who are or were involved in the creation and carrying out of the competition are excluded from participation.

3. A mix of BORA – hansgrohe and BORA merchandise prizes (podium cap, BORA T-shirt etc.) will be raffled among all participants. Each mix of prices will be of value between 30€ - 40€. In addition, the Participants will have the chance to win one jersey signed by cyclist Peter Sagan. Every exact hour from 12:00 till 17:00 one winner will be announced. Prizes are not assigned to concrete hour and will be raffled randomly.  

4. To enter the competition, Participants must Collect their BORA gift at the info desk at the BORA public event at the Tour de France 2021, share it in their Story via Facebook or Instagram, tag @boracookingsystems and use the hashtag #borapartyattdf.

5. The Organiser is entitled to exclude posts or feeds from participation in the competition, if they are unlawful or offensive according to his proper assessment.

6. The Organiser will draw the winners from all the posts and feeds that comply with the Terms and Conditions of Participation.

§ 3 Processing

1. The prize is not redeemable for cash or in kind. The prize is non-exchangeable and non-transferable. A Participant may waive the prize. In this case, the next winner will be drawn. The handing over of the prize is agreed individually with the Participants.

2. The winners will be announced on 03.07.2021 in a repost of his/her story on Facebook or Instagram and asked to contact us via the direct message option on our BORA Facebook or Instagram (@boracookingsystem). In a personal message via Facebook or Instagram, the winners will be asked to come to our event at the Col de la Colombière on the 3rd of July and collect their price within an hour. By doing so, the prize is accepted.

3. If a participant does not accept the prize within 1 hour, the next winner will be drawn. If the given contact options are not correct, the Organiser is under no obligation to research the correct contact information. Any disadvantages resulting from the provision of incorrect contact information shall be borne by the Participant.

§ 4 Rights of use, exemption and obligation

1. By uploading contents, in particular images, all Participants confirm that all contents are free of third-party rights, i.e. they supplied them or they have received consent from the originator as well as from the persons featured in the images and videos. The Organiser is under no obligation to review the contents submitted by the Participants (in particular images) for potential infringement of third party rights. The Participants release the Organiser from any claims made by third parties (particularly claims for compensation and/or other usage claims), as a result of the contents provided by the Participants. They agree to assist the Organiser in any reasonable manner in the defence of these claims.

The Participants agree that their submissions in connection with the competition, the prize draw, processing and presentation of the Participant contributions may be used and published by the Organiser in online and offline media (particularly in the print & film sector) for the purposes of informing about the competition’s outcome. The rights are granted free of charge, and without a limitation of time, place or contents. The Participant's name will not be disclosed.

§ 5 Disclaimer

1. The Organiser expressly advises that the availability and functionality of the competition cannot be guaranteed. The competition may be terminated or removed due to external circumstances and constraints without giving Participants any rights to assert claims against the Organiser.

2. This may include technical problems, changes in rules or decisions made on part of platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, if the competition is organised on their platforms or in connection therewith.

§ 6 Privacy Policy

1. The Organiser collects and uses the Participants’ personal data insofar as this is legally permitted.

2. The Organiser only collects, processes and uses personal data if this is necessary for the fulfilment of the contract (i.e. carrying out the competition) or if the data is provided voluntarily. It is specifically stated that the data will also be used by the Organiser to report on and advertise the competition. By entering the competition, the Participant consents to this. For any data processing beyond this purpose, the Organiser shall seek consent before the processing of the data. If the legitimate interest of the Organiser to process the data takes precedence, the processing may in certain circumstances take place without consent.

3. The following personal data of the Participants are collected by the Organiser and serve the purpose of designing, carrying out and processing the competition: Facebook user ID or Instagram user ID, if the Participants is one of the winners: Name of the Participant, valid email address, uploaded content (posts and feeds).

4. You have the right to information about the stored personal data, as well as the right to rectification, data transfer, objection, restriction of the processing as well as blocking or deletion of incorrect or illegally processed data within the framework of the GDPR provisions. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.

5. If the Participant believes that the processing of personal data by the Organiser violates the data protection law, there is the option of filing a complaint with the competent supervisory authority.

6. In order to fulfil the contractual or statutory obligations it might be necessary to transfer the data to processors or other recipients, such as in particular, authorities. Processors only process the personal data according to instructions and only to the extent that this is required for the fulfilment of these tasks. The Organiser's processors are e.g. external IT service companies etc.

7.Your data will only be transferred to other recipients if consent for data transfer was provided, the data transfer is necessary for the conclusion of the contract or the fulfilment of the contract, or if the Organiser is required to transfer the data by law.

§ 7 Notices and conditions of Facebook

1. The Participant is advised that the Organiser is carrying out the competition via third-party platforms, namely Facebook and Instagram. Therefore, not only these Terms and Conditions of Participation apply, but also the usage conditions of Facebook and Instagram: Furthermore, the privacy policies of Facebook or Instagram apply:

2. Participants acknowledge that the competition is not sponsored, supported or organised by Facebook or Instagram in any way, and is not connected to Facebook or Instagram. Therefore, Participants cannot assert any claims against Facebook or Instagram in relation to the use of the competition application or participation in the competition.

3. All inquiries or notices regarding the competition must be directed to the Organiser at and not to Facebook or Instagram.

§ 8 Applicable law

These Terms and Conditions of Participation are subject to Austrian law.